Redmi K30S will offer the gestures with the knuckles, in Huawei style

Among the many smartphones that perhaps we will never see in our market, we also find the Redmi K30S, a device that debuted towards the end of the month just past, almost unexpected but which was able to immediately convince the Chinese user for top technical specifications. net of a really aggressive price. But then why are we talking about him? We do it because this is the first smartphone of the huge Xiaomi price list that has obtained a new feature, namely the gestures through the knuckles.

redmi k30s

Perhaps something that at first glance might seem useless, superfluous and perhaps even make people smile but at the same time it enriches the smartphone experience, also because in reality it is not a real novelty in the sector, as it has already been implemented by a company for some time. like Huawei and vivo. Recall that Redmi K30S is a top of the range as under the hood we find the presence of the Snapdragon 865 processor, a 144 Hz LCD display, a 64 MP camera with OIS and 33W fast charging. All this has contributed to making this device a real best seller in China and now the knuckle gestures will probably contribute more to the demand for this smartphone.

Redmi K30S will offer the gestures with the knuckles, in Huawei style

But since the function could also arrive soon on the global versions of MIUI 12 and therefore on other devices, let's take a closer look at what the knuckle gestures allow to do. Moreover, those who have already tried this feature recommend using it with tempered glass film, this is because the sensitivity of the touch on this part of the hand is much lower than the touch with a finger.

The gestures with the knuckles are made up of a double tap to take a screenshot, while drawing a circle you can get a partial screenshot, or relative only to the part of the selected area. Always with the knuckles, holding down and swiping you can adjust the brightness, therefore with swiping upwards you will get an increase and downwards a decrease. Infinse if a V is drawn, this gesture will allow us to carry out a personalized action, such as starting the flashlight, the camera or opening any other app.

At the moment only Redmi K30S has the new function of the gesture with knuckles as a dowry, but it is likely that this will also arrive on other smartphones with MIUI 12. Nice right, but you think it is necessary or was it not necessary?


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