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Redmi Watch 4 updates with Alexa: what you need to know

On January 15 2024 Redmi Watch 4 debuted in Italy together with the Redmi Buds 5 Pro, or the true wireless headphones from the same company. The features of the smartwatch, in comparison to the Watch 3 model, they are better but something is missing: an integrated digital assistant. Now, Redmi Watch 4 updates with Alexa allowing users to use all the most convenient functions of the Amazon assistant.

Finally Alexa on the Redmi Watch 4: here's what changes

The update to the version 2.2.80 of the Redmi Watch 4 introduces an important innovation: the long-awaited integration with Amazon Alexa. This step marks a significant evolution for the smartwatch, opening the door to hands-free voice management.

With Alexa, users can now issue voice commands for a variety of functions such as control compatible smart devices, set alarms, create reminders, check the weather, and much more. While operating through controls and answers textual, without audio output, the introduction of Alexa represents a valuable innovation, expanding the potential of the smartwatch beyond expectations.

Redmi Watch 4 Buds 5 Pro

This feature is particularly useful for those who are often engaged in activities that require the use of both hands or for those looking for more efficient and less invasive management of your smart home. Imagine the convenience of being able to adjust the lights, the temperature, or quickly add a reminder without having to stop what you're doing: this is the type of convenience that Alexa on Redmi Watch 4 promises to offer.

Additionally, accessing complex smartwatch functions via voice commands simplifies the user interface, making the device more accessible and less complicated to navigate, especially in situations where you can't physically interact with the screen. This aspect is fundamental not only to improve the general usability of the device but also to make it more inclusive, facilitating use by individuals with dexterity or visual limitations.

When and how the update arrives

It is important, however, to check the availability of Alexa support in your region, as there may be some limitations initially. The US users have already started to benefit from this feature, as highlighted in several online discussions. If supported in your area, you will be able to activate Alexa directly from the smartwatch settings, thus exploiting all its potential.

Gianluca Cobucci
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