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Released kernels for One Plus Two!

In his brief life as a smartphone maker, OnePlus has proven to be able to do things for good, attracting a lot of attention and creating a product, the OnePlus One, which has achieved immediate and very great success.




A tweet, spread on yesterday's day by co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, which includes a link to the kernel source of OnePlus 2.

One of the strengths of the first terminal developed by OnePlus, Or the OnePlus One, it was certainly the modding made by the developers, which can be freely installed on the device.

With the same objective, the new top of the range presented days ago, it will be able to benefit from the creations of the community and numerous custom ROMs developed specifically for the device, thus providing an essential contribution to modding and improving the terminal. 

OnePlus 2 kernel source

- Carl Pei (@getpeid) August 23


Not so much then, after doubts about the collaboration between OnePlus and the Cyanogen team, it may be possible to have on board OnePlus 2 the CyanogenMod 12.1. 

But it's definitely not the development team Cyanogen decides to adopt this smartphone even though due to the great public attention a OnePlus 2, it would be a shame not to develop theirs ROM.

We will see, waiting for, new information!

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As we all know, there are few, companies who are willing to release the kernel for their devices. An example can be the leading company in China, the Xiaomi, than for the release of the kernel for the unsurpassable Xiaomi Mi3 it took well 16 months!

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