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Roborock H7, real improvements or just on paper? REVIEW

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As soon as the new box arrived in the house Robo Rock H7, my eyes lit up!

I was already very happy with the previous model and therefore I was really curious to understand if in this new one, I would have found real improvements… well, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

Roborock H7 brushes

But let's start immediately from unboxing which in this case turns out to be really greedy, in fact in the box we will find:

The body of the vacuum cleaner, the instructions, the charger, the charging base which has a wonderful peculiarity ... it is magnetic! greatly simplifying the hooking operation of the vacuum cleaner since it will be enough to bring it close to the band to make it attack (the hooking capacity is really powerful, the attached objects do not fall). The base is obviously designed to be fixed to the nose with the appropriate screws.

Roborock H7 wall mount

There is no lack of the usual wide range of accessories for all needs: long shaft, one extendable tube, two corner spouts, one with bristles, two motorized brushes (wide for carpets and floors and narrow for textiles, sofas, etc.).

Roborock H7 accessories

Another improvement introduced that we can see from the opening is the presence of dust collection bags with the insert to be able to mount them.

This peculiarity is particularly suitable for allergic subjects who must remain in contact with dust as little as possible have less difficulty in emptying it (being a bag, the dispersion of allergens on opening becomes very minimal) and makes cleaning the tank very fast since we will find nothing to wash.

We now come to the technical characteristics that allow us to actually understand how much improved it has been from its predecessor.

His system of 5-stage air filtration captures up to 99,9% of allergens, and the filters are as well as in the previous model, totally removable and washable.

Roborock H7 filter

The 0,5 L dust container (100mL more than the H6) which gives us a longer cleaning mode before having to empty the tank.

The large brush is the same in terms of design as that of the previous model but has a really useful improvement, in fact it automatically increases its power when it is faced with textiles (such as carpets) in this way the cleaning will be really effective and optimal. with the minimum expenditure of energy.

The lithium battery (unfortunately not removable), is really powerful since it lasts 90 minutes in eco mode, reaching 15AW of suction, 45 in standard mode with 45 AW and 8 in maximum 160 AW mode.

But the thing that really struck me most is the fact that this battery recharges to the maximum in only 2 hours and 30 minutes while in the previous version the total charge required a time of 4 hours, we have a decrease of 30% of total time for the recharge.

The power of the brushless motor is 420W with precisely themaximum suction reaching 160 AW, 10 more than his “little brother.

Furthermore, the motor is quite silent with its 75dB and does not disturb at all in daily cleaning, in fact I also did an audio test to see I would hear the TV while I was sucking the sofa at maximum power and I must say that the experiment was fully successful.

Its Oled display remains minimal and functional, in fact we can read above the three speeds, the remaining battery charge and the suction block / release.

Roborock H7 display

The Roborock H7 has in fact the possibility, thanks to a very comfortable button located next to the handle, of block suction in continuous mode without having to keep the button pressed continuously and also has a very useful function for the block for the accidental starting of children

What can I say, I was really pleasantly surprised by its predecessor and I did not expect who knows what improvements, but with these innovations they really hit the mark making it one of the electric brooms with the ratio highest quality-price on the market!

For daily cleaning as well as for in-depth cleaning, I really feel I can totally recommend it, even to those who are at the first experience with these appliances, indeed: start from this if you do not have one at home yet, you will fall in love.

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7.4 Total score
Robo Rock H7

For daily cleaning as well as for in-depth cleaning, I really feel I can totally recommend it, even to those who are at the first experience with these appliances, indeed: start from this if you do not have one at home yet, you will fall in love.

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Silvia Mascheri

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1 year ago

Between Roborock H7 and Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10 (both from Xiaomi) which one would be better? What do you recommend and why? I am not decided between the two, related to accessories and warranty.

  • for Roborock H7 I have 2 years warranty
  • I have a 10-year warranty for Mi Vacuum Cleaner G5

Thank you !