Android ROM 10 for Redmi Note 5 Pro with Arrow OS

Let's start the day today with healthy people modding and let's talk about the former box office champion Notes redmi 5 Pro. Despite the 24 last September, the date on which the highly anticipated was presented MIUI 11 complete with a roadmap, this device has not been mentioned for the reception of the OS update, it continues in any case to be an updated smartphone and this is the proof custom ROM Android 10 installable thanks to Arrow OS. Among other things, a similar rom always based on Android 10 is available thanks to AOSP Extended. For those not aware of this custom it is a ROM very much like Android stock and is supplied directly with the latest patches of September. Furthermore, the bloatware (a series of unnecessary items) they are almost non-existent and the few pre-installed apps which may bother you are easily uninstallable.

Android ROM 10 for Redmi Note 5 Pro with Arrow OS

On an 64 GB storage space this ROM does occupies about 10 GB, making sure to stay with a good amount of memory available for use. I'm scheduled various navigation modes among which we use almost all of them with gestures, one that uses two keys and a third which use three.

The Eurobursar fonearena points out that users who use the POCO Launcher will not be able to use gestures as they do not work: a small flaw that can always be found in ROMs of this type. You will find a function that is very useful if you do it double tap on the status bar, which will allow you to put the smartphone in sleep mode. We could then choose to use the Dark Mode (with lots of shades of gray) on a large scale and then on the whole system, of change the font and shape of the icons: all that without accessing developer options.

Obviously the new app is present Digital Wellbeing of Google with all its features that will allow you to do a more conscious use of the smartphone. Recall that this app is receiving on almost all Xiaomi devices and soon we could all use them, even those who do not have Android 10. As for i benchmark scores, because even those are important for some of you, let's see how the device moved by this ROM and by Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 has achieved a total of 112.027 points on AnTuTu, 1340 points in the single-core test and 4598 points in the multi-core test. To be clear, this is not the latest version of AnTuTu, but the fourth.

Requirements to install the Android ROM 10 Arrow OS

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro with unlocked bootloader (link to unlock the bootloader here);
  • Anti-rollback bypass (download here);
  • TWRP for Redmi Note 5 Pro (download here);
  • Arrow OS (download zip here);
  • Google Apps (download here);
  • Magisk 19.5 (optional);
  • Software ADB for Windows / Android zip files for Mac.

The procedure to install the whole is as follows:

To flash the ROM on the device, simply follow the procedure below.

  1. Turn off the smartphone and start it in Fastboot mode by pressing the power and volume down buttons simultaneously;
  2. Connect the smartphone to the PC via USB, open the command prompt on the PC and go to the folder where you downloaded TWRP Recovery;
  3. Type "fastboot devices" in the command prompt and check if the device is detected by the system;
  4. If the system detects the smartphone type fastboot flash antirbpass anti-rollback_filename.zip and press enter and then type fastboot flash recovery twrp_filename.img and press enter. The process will be completed in a short time;
  5. Now long press the volume up and power button to start the device in recovery mode;
  6. You will be asked to allow the changes, scroll to the right to consent;
  7. Select Clear and choose Advanced cleaningselect Dalvik / ART Cache, System, Give, cache and then scroll right to cancel;
  8. Go back and click on Install, go to the location where you stored the ROM zip file, the GApps package and Magisk (optional). It is best to keep these zip files on SD cards or OTG USB drives. Select the ROM file and the GApps package, Magisk, then scroll to the right to flash;
  9. Click on Restart and then System, within 10-15 minutes the device will boot with Arrow OS.

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