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AtuMan thermohygrometer Xiaomi ecosystem, but how good is it?

In China there are many brands that are part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, one of these is AtuMan. Their products are varied, let's say DIY-oriented. In fact, we find electric screwdrivers, hot glue guns, laser measurers and thermometers. In this article I will tell you about its beauty AtuMan thermohygrometer, a functional and aesthetically beautiful product.

PACKAGE AtuMan thermohygrometer

We can't find much in the package, also because we are talking about a thermometer. In any case, nothing is missing, in fact we find:

  • thermohygrometer
  • Battery (already inserted)
  • Double-sided adhesive to attach it to the wall/furniture

INITIAL SETUP AtuMan thermohygrometer

The initial setup is very simple, just remove the tab which will enable contact with the battery (already inserted) and start the thermometer. At this point you just have to set the date and time using the buttons on the back. Simply click the SET button to enable changing the date (year, month, day) and while it is flashing click on "+" and "-" to increase or decrease the date. Once you have reached the correct number, click on SET again to set it and move on to the next. Once you have set the date, continue with the time and, same procedure, and you're done.

AtuMan thermohygrometer

DISPLAY AtuMan thermohygrometer

Our thermohygrometer AtuMan it's practically all Display, the frames are very thin. The dimensions are 75mm x 65mm x 10mm thick. Aesthetically it is truly wonderful also for the colors of the "comfort" bars it shows off. It is essentially divided into 3 sections that will show us:

  • Time, in the upper (thin) section
  • Temperature and humidity, in the central (extended) section. Here we will also find three colored bars, blue green and orange which will indicate the temperature "degree" (cold, ok, hot)
  • Date and comfort emoticon, in the lower (thin) section

Using the rear “+” and “-” buttons it will also be possible to switch from the temperature displayed in degrees centigrade to those in Fahrenheit (by pressing on “+”) and the time from 24h to am/pm (by pressing on “-“)


Unlike other similar products, this thermo-hygrometer works stand alone, therefore it cannot connect wirelessly to other devices or applications to monitor the temperature remotely. On its side, however, I detected great precision in both temperature and humidity. In fact, I tested it by comparing it to a professional product and I can assure you that the values ​​are almost perfect, at most they vary by about a tenth of a degree on temperature and 3% on humidity. There is a very convenient lever on the back that will allow us to position it on any surface, so it is not necessary to attach it using double-sided tape.

AtuMan thermohygrometer

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AtuMan thermohygrometer, Xiaomi ecosystem.

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