The Hoffree gaming desk is not just for gamers and at this price it becomes a must!

It was born as a gaming desk, but I use it and I really have a lot from the gamer poco.. I'm talking about the Hoffree gaming desk, a new product that you can buy at a very advantageous price on Banggood and receive in a few days with free shipping directly from Europe warehouse! But let's see what it is.

Hoffree gaming desk


The first thing that struck me is definitely the size of the package! In fact, since the base of the desk is made up of 2 mirrored modules that are joined together, it has made it possible to ship everything in a practically square box, really much more useful for transport than the classic much longer packages (as the base of the desk it is almost always a single module). The dimensions of the box are only 80 x 70 x 13.5cm.

Hoffree gaming desk

Inside the package we will find:

  • Hoffree gaming desk
  • Mouse pad
  • 2 RGB extension racks
  • Cup holder
  • Headphone hook
  • Multiple USB charger with various support
  • Installation guide


The dimensions are quite generous, especially in width: we have  140cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 75cm (height). At the 4 corners it is smoothed generating an angle of about 45 degrees and making us lose about 5cm both in length and in depth (of course we only speak in that area). The 140cm does NOT include the RGB side bars, 5cm deep. So the total width is 150cm.

The texture is in carbon fiber and makes the desk look very "techno", the steel frame gives it great strength and there are 4 adjustable non-slip feet to obtain the perfect flat position even on uneven floors. So we can say that aesthetically it is really well done and obviously modern in style.


Considering my very poor skills in "do-it-yourself" jobs, I must say that the assembly of the desk is not complicated .. it took me poco over an hour but I was alone and quite impeded in these types of work. We proceed as follows: First you need to assemble the frame, made up of 2 pieces, which will physically join the "legs" of the desk with it. Just find the right pieces and fix them with screws and nut. Then you can attach them to the legs.

After fixing the two L-shaped supports behind the "skeleton" we can move on to the assembly of the desk that I have previously placed on the ground.

In the 4 holes you see you will have to fit the protruding part of the screws that are used to fix the upper frame. Don't worry, it's harder to explain than to do… it's very intuitive! But I post two explanatory photos:

Once this is done, all you have to do is screw all the screws that will permanently fix the frame to the desk, so arm yourself with patience and start inserting about twenty screws!

Hoffree gaming desk

Now you just have to mount, if you are interested, the cable organizer, the cup holder and the headphone holder. Finally you will have to insert the plugs in the cable pass holes and that's it.

Hoffree gaming desk

Or rather, done if you are not interested in the gem of RGB lights, which I suppose interests you. These two side bars must also be attached to the sides of the desk with the usual screws. United via a cable that you will find supplied and at this point you will also be ready to take advantage of all the color games that are pre-loaded. On the right bar you will find the commands, two keys (C and M). With the M key you will turn on the LEDs and you will switch to the various static colors. With the C key, on the other hand, you can enter the "advanced" mode and browse through all the various pre-configured programs.

You will also have a convenient CD / miscellaneous port and USB HUB with 4 charging ports!

Hoffree gaming desk


Needing to replace mine, I dayto look at several products found on the net and this one seemed to me the best for value for money. I must say that I can confirm my initial feeling and I am very satisfied with the product, for which I want to thank GOOD BANG for sending the sample. I find this Hoffree gaming desk comfortable to carry when packed (and whoever has stairs to do knows what I mean ..), sturdy, easy to assemble and with a really well done RGB lighting department.

But now we come to the price, which is the classic icing on the cake. Although the price list is around € 200, today you can buy it with a discount of almost 50% thanks to our exclusive coupon and take it home at this incredible price. I remind you that shipping is fast (3-5 days) and FREE SHIPPING, does not include customs costs and payment can be made through PayPal. What more could you want ..?

Hoffree gaming desk (140x60x75cm) with RGB LED

€115 €200
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
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