Is the smartphone speaker out of order due to falling into water and sand? Here is the solution for your Xiaomi / Redmi

Many have been or are still enjoying a holiday, perhaps lying on a sunbed on the beach by the sea sipping a nice cocktail (strictly non-alcoholic) and taken by the distraction or the euphoria of the moment of relaxation you find yourself with your smartphone fallen to the ground, submerged in water or sand. With a lightning gesture you recover it, also because the device does not have any IPXX certification, but inevitably the speaker from which you generally listen to your favorite music, is now a receptacle of sand, water and other dirt in general, negatively causing your experience. of use.

Is the smartphone speaker out of order due to falling into water and sand? Here is the solution for your Xiaomi / Redmi

Fortunately, many devices of the Xiaomi / Redmi brand enjoy a software-level feature that allows you to "clean" the speaker of your smartphone through the emission of a high-frequency sound that vibrates the small case in such a way that small water particles and dirt in general, stored by the accident, are expelled from the speaker slots.

It is true that the ideal solution would be to eliminate everything through compressed air or directly by expert personnel, but in certain situations these solutions are not so feasible. Xiaomi's solution at the software level is really excellent but not all the smartphones of the brand enjoy this feature and therefore how to do? To the rescue we have two possibilities: the first is to download an application that in fact emulates what is proposed by Xiaomi itself, allowing to eliminate any residue of sand, dirt and water from the speaker of our smartphone. All you have to do is download the app directly from the Play Store and for free Eject The Water, 

then proceeding with what the software offers us.

Expel water - Repair speaker
Expel water - Repair speaker
Correct the sound of your speaker if it has been in contact with water.
Free of charge


The second solution is to go to the site Fixmyspeakers, where we will find the same principle but without downloading any application, as it is available in the form of a Web App. In this case, I respect both the Xiaomi software solution or the app Eject The Water, we will have a higher sound intensity, resulting even more effective in removing particles of dirt and sand from inside the speaker of our Xiaomi / Redmi.


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