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Discover Motorola's Moto Unplugged: reconnect with real life this Christmas

Motorola revolutionizes the digital experience with Moto Unplugged, the innovative software for manage your digital connection and find the balance between technology and real life. This new feature is especially essential during the holiday season, a time when human connection and time spent with loved ones are priority.

With Moto Unplugged, personalize your digital experience: Manage notifications and apps to live every moment without distractions. Motorola emphasizes the importance of human relationships, giving you a break from incessant notifications and allowing you to enjoy unforgettable moments.

How Moto Unplugged works

In recent years, Motorola has detected a growing desire, especially among young people, to break away from devices and have a healthier relationship with technology. In response, Moto Unplugged was designed to help you get yourself one pause from notifications and daily distractions.

With Moto Unplugged, set a special mode which allows you to customize your digital breaks based on your individual needs. Select which apps and notifications you receive, and set a time for your digital detox.

For those looking to avoid distractions while working, Moto Unplugged offers the option to limit access only to email and Microsoft Teams for a certain period. For private moments, you can choose to temporarily block access to social media and messaging apps.

Bottom line, with Moto Unplugged, Motorola illuminates the more human side of its consumers. This Christmas, let software enhance the connections that really matter.

Motorcycle Unplugged is already available on the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra and will be extended to other devices in the future.

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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