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New Update Xiaomi MIUI Mi Music Player V7.17.01.071314i – DOWNLOAD APK

An update has just been released MIUI Mi Music Player version V7.17.01.071314i for Xiaomi smartphones. On this page you will find the information to install it and download the APK.

What is Xiaomi MIUI Mi Music Player?

The application Xiaomi MIUI Mi Music Player is a versatile music player and feature-rich designed to provide an outstanding listening experience to Xiaomi device users. It is part of the MIUI custom user interface developed by Xiaomi for its Android devices.

One of the distinctive features of MIUI Mi Music Player is its intuitive and well organized interface. The application features a clean and modern design, with a user-friendly layout that allows users to easily navigate between the different features. The home screen displays the latest songs, recommended albums, and custom playlists, giving you quick access to your favorite tracks.

MIUI Mi Music Player supports a variety of music formats, including MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV and many others. Users can explore their music library in different modes, such as viewing by album, artist, genre or playlist. You can also run quick searches to quickly find a specific song.

The application also offers an option of online music streaming, allowing users to access a huge collection of songs directly from the app. Through the integrated search function, you can discover new songs and artists, create your own playlists and listen to your favorite music at any time.

MIUI Mi Music Player also provides a number of advanced features to enhance your listening experience. Among these, there are intuitive playback controls, which allow you to pause, skip or play songs directly from the lock screen or notification bar. The app also supports the creation of custom ringtones, allowing users to select their favorite parts of a song and set them as the ringtone for their device.

Another notable feature of MIUI Mi Music Player is its ability to cloud sync. Users can upload their music library to cloud services like Mi Cloud or other storage services, allowing their songs to be accessed from different Xiaomi devices with ease.

Updates MIUI Mi Music Player

The Launcher is a system application which generally only updates when a new OS version is released but you can install an updated version without waiting for the release.

20/7/2023 Update
Added version V7.17.01.071314i

Xiaomi MIUI Mi Music Player V7.17.01.071314i

Change log:

  • Redesigned user interface and pop-up menu with advanced notification search, improved text and playback experiences.
  • Add songs online to favorites, upload them to the cloud, and let you access them on other devices.
  • Bug fixes and app stability improved.

Xiaomi MIUI Mi Music Player V7.13.01.051216i

Change log:

  • New tubular widget added.
  • Bug fixes and app stability improved.

How to install the Xiaomi APK MIUI Mi Music Player ?

Once you download the file with extension . Apk you will be asked if you want to open the file. Just confirm to start the update.

Depending on the permissions you have set, the system may ask you to authorize the installation from the application you are using, usually the internet browser from which you downloaded the file (e.g. Chrome).

It is also possible to install the file later after downloading it. All you need to do is locate the file via any File Manager, even the one that comes pre-installed, and run it. Also in this case the system may ask you to authorize the installation from the application.

The file is a safe apk extracted from Xiaomi's MIUI rom but it is always possible to take into account any problems deriving from its use, so it is a good idea back up your version. The editorial staff of is not responsible for any damage or malfunction resulting from it.

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