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Amazon has already replaced Android. Vega is found on early devices like the Echo Show 5

Amazon is bringing a significant change in the technology of its devices: the operating system replacement Android with its own software platform. This move is especially evident in the new Echo Show 5, which now uses Amazon's operating system."Vega” instead of the previous Fire OS. Apparently the replacement has already been underway for a few days as emerged from recent reports.

Vega, Amazon's OS, has already replaced Android on some devices such as the Echo Show 5

The news, initially reported last week, suggested that Amazon is quietly developing a proprietary operating system. This OS, named Vega, is intended to replace Android in Fire TV devices and, subsequently, in other smart products from the company. The clue to this important update was discovered da Zatz Not Funny!, noting that the latest Echo Show 5 shows “OS 1.1” as the operating system instead of the expected Fire OS.

amazon vega in action on echo show 5
Amazon Vega is already official on Echo Show 5

Vega OS, while aesthetically similar to Fire OS, represents a new beginning for Amazon. The fact that the operating system is at a "fairly advanced" stage, as revealed by the original source and Amazon's published jobs, indicates an acceleration of the change.

This change of direction poses some challenges challenges for app developers for streaming, who will now have to create versions compatible with the new platform.

Why is Amazon changing its operating system?

Complete control of the operating system allows Amazon to increase advertising revenues and keep the software updated independently. Despite this, some users express concerns about the possible elimination of advanced features, such as sideloading, in the new operating system.

It should be noted, however, that in its autumn event, Amazon presented the new features of the Fire TV OS, including one more conversational voice search and a modality Ambient Experience, which displays widgets and other useful information when your device is idle. These developments demonstrate Amazon's ambition to continuously improve the user experience.

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Last updated on July 20, 2024 23:15
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