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Sam Altman officially confirms that GPT-5 is on OpenAI's roadmap. But there was reluctance

News about artificial intelligence continues to come out like mushrooms, and OpenAI's recent announcement about starting the development of GPT-5 is clear proof of this. This news follows the great success of GPT-4 Turbo, the current most advanced model of natural language available to the public, which has demonstrated extraordinary capabilities in text generation and conversazione natural. Let's see and latest news.

Sam Altman confirms that GPT-5 is officially in OpenAI's plans

Sam altman, CEO of OpenAI, has revealed al Financial Times is GPT-5 is in the early stages of development. Although no technical details have been shared, it seems clear that the company is laying the foundations for this new version. The initial phase could include defining the training methodology, organizing the annotators and, most importantly, curating the dataset.

The decision to proceed with GPT-5 comes after a few initial hesitations, caused by requests from influential personalities in the AI ​​industry, such as Elon Musk e Emad Mostaque, to stop developing more advanced models of GPT-4 due to social implications. However, OpenAI seems determined to proceed, continuing its path of innovation.

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GPT-4 has already marked a turning point in the field of AI, thanks to its capabilities to analyze images, work with code, handle broader context and support integration with tools such as DALL-E3 and Bing. Self GPT-5 will push the boundaries of possibility even further, the implications could be huge for sectors such as healthcare, education and finance. However, concerns about possible bias, misinformation and malicious use remain, underlining the need for rigorous testing.

For now, the details on launch and capabilities of GPT-5 remain unknown. With the recent change in OpenAI's ethical orientation, now focused on development of AGI and on expanding the use of AI, we may see a transformation from curious explorer to colossus responsible company


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