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VOLTME – 4 enjoyable GADGETS that will give you the RIGHT CHARGE

We buy a top of the range smartphone and despite the hundreds if not thousands of euros spent we realize that the package doesn't even include a power supply or we usually travel and among the many devices we have with us we are forced to carry a thousand cables and sockets recharge? We have the solution to all these problems, thanks to VOLTME, of which today I'm telling you about 4 gadgets dedicated to the safe charging of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and much more.


VOLTME Dual Port USB C Charger 45W

The first gadget covered by this review is a charger equipped with GaN technology, which allows the object itself to have compact dimensions but to deliver power of up to 45W. Available at the price of €30,01 using the discount coupon on the purchase page, the VOLTME charger offers two colours, black and white, compatible with all fast charging standards, reaching a maximum of 45W on a single charging port . In this regard, there are 2 input ports, both Type-C allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously without the need for additional adapters.

The compact dimensions allow you to easily transport it anywhere and use it to charge any device, as the appropriate output power will automatically be generated, up to 45W on a single port. However, if you use both ports, the VOLTME Revo charger will deliver 20W for each of them. Of course, all safety standards are not missing, such as protection against high temperatures and protection against short circuits, overcurrent and overvoltage.

VOLTME Set of 2 USB to USB C Cable 3A

There is no power supply if you do not combine it with a good cable for transferring the energy flow. However, a good cable must, if necessary, also allow high-speed data transfer from the smartphone to the PC and the VOLTME cable has all this. First of all, it is made of nylon, ultra-resistant and flexible, allowing twisting and "tearing" without the cable itself being affected. VOLTME guarantees 20.000 bending tests and 10.000 connection and disconnection tests, with a double insulation cable core, but above all the material used avoids any entanglements.

USB 2.0 type, it supports data transfer at 480 Mbps and offers a length of 1,8 meters. as well as offering compatibility with all devices on the market, including the new iPhones equipped with Type-C input (specifically as not all cables are compatible with the new Apple smartphones). Then in the package there are 2 cables, which support a charging standard of up to 60W, therefore with the possibility of also charging laptops. Finally, a sign of value is the presence of a ribbon that allows you to wrap the cable to save space during transport. Not bad for a price of €11,75 using the coupon on the purchase page, from which you can also choose different colors, including black, white, blue and green.

VOLTME USB C Charger 140W PD3.1

Less compact in size but much more powerful is the REVO 140W charger which offers charging power of up to 140W. There are 3 charging ports available: starting from the top we have a Type-C input, which will be the only one to offer the maximum power of 140 watts, allowing you to charge laptops and much more, while below it we find a further Type-C input which instead delivers a maximum power of 100W. Finally we have a classic USB-A input which will provide an output of 22.5W, ideal for smartphones, headphones and gadgets in general.

Naturally we can use all 3 inputs to charge 3 devices simultaneously, but in this case the outputs will be divided into 65W+45W+22.5W, in the case of using only the two Type-C ports the powers will be divided into 65W+65W while if we use 1 or the other Type-C port and the USB-A input then the power will be divided into 100W+22.5W. The major charging standards such as PD 3.1 are supported, therefore charging speed is guaranteed on all devices in circulation, without losing sight of safety by counting on the various protections available, such as overvoltage, overtemperature, short circuit etc. I didn't say it before, but also in this case we have GaN technology which basically offers 3 times greater efficiency than the standards, 40% energy savings and compact dimensions, although our REVO 140W by VOLTME is still bulky, but it is always less necessary to carry 3 power supplies with you, but above all there is no overheating.

You can get it for a price of €74,99 by using the coupon on the purchase page, from which you can also choose different colors, including black and white. So if you are planning a trip but need to keep your luggage light, it will allow you to recharge all your technological paraphernalia to maximum power.

VOLTME Magnetic Portable Charger 5000mAh

As the last VOLTME gadget, I want to talk to you about a powerbank equipped with a MagSafe connection. Be careful, because with the right goodies you can also use it on Android devices and not just Apple, in fact it will be enough to equip yourself with a cover or magsafe ring to exploit the potential of the VOLTME gadget, as long as your device is equipped with wireless charging. There are small LEDs that indicate the operating status and available charge, as well as a power button to use the power bank via cable.

We are talking about a powerbank with a capacity of 5000 mAh, which allows you to recharge two devices simultaneously, as it is equipped not only with wireless output but also via Type-C, the same one that we will use to recharge the powerbank itself. Furthermore, this gadget also offers a flap that transforms the powerbank into a stand, which can be used both vertically and horizontally. The MagPak 5K from VOLTME is very robust and made of pleasant to the touch material that also feels poco slippery, avoiding accidental falls from your hands. The magnet that anchors it to the smartphone is very powerful and naturally using MagSafe technology, once anchored the charging starts automatically. The power in wireless mode is 7.5W while via cable we reach 15W.

A supply of energy never hurts, especially if you are a user who often finds yourself arriving home just short of remaining charge. MagPak 5K by VOLTME is available in different colors with a price around €40 via the discount coupon redeemable from the purchase page. Not bad for a quality and versatile product, considering its transformation into a stand to continue watching your favorite series without the phone suddenly running out of battery and then it's small and compact, to always keep in your jacket pocket.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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