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The king of camera phones is OPPO Find X7 Ultra: it reaches the top (but it was obvious)

In the latest DxOMark report, theOPPO Find X7 Ultra emerges like a star in the firmament of mobile photography. With excellent performance in various shooting contexts, this device proudly positions itself at the top of the ranking, becoming a landmark for photography and technology enthusiasts. But after all, our Christian also predicted it: it is about the best OPPO ever made from a photographic point of view.

Elite photography performance for OPPO Find X7 Ultra

Recent analysis conducted by DxOMark reveals how the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has redefined the standards of photo quality in smartphones. Thanks to a suite of cutting-edge technical features, this flagship model has demonstrated a superiority undisputed in different categories, thanks to a design that puts image quality first.

In the tests carried out, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra particularly excelled in the portraits, where natural colors, high color fidelity and unparalleled detail have left an indelible mark. Critics appreciated it lively color rendering and the impeccable white balance, in both photos and videos, highlighting precise exposure and wide-ranging dynamic range.

One of the most praised aspects was his ability to manage the background blur in portrait mode, together with the effective use of the telephoto lens and optimal noise control. The performances also proved to be superior in indoor environments and in low light conditions, showing a particular predisposition for photographing people.

Despite universal acclaim, some details have raised concerns, such as the less sharpness in close-up shots and with the ultra-wide-angle lens, along with a tendency towards unstable exposure in videos and a certain propensity for overexposure in limited light conditions.

With an overall score of 157, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has earned the right to sit on the throne of DxOMark, sharing the podium with its direct competitor Huawei Mate 60 Pro +.

Where to buy OPPO Find X7 Ultra at the best price

If you are interested in purchasing the OPPO smartphone we recommend you take a look at our dedicated article. You will find various related offers with links that will take you directly to the dedicated purchase page.

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