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Xiaomi also has a mascot dog, complete with a badge: here is Wangcai!

We all know each other Mitu, the furry bunny mascot of Xiaomi. But what if we told you that the brand also has one living mascot who spends their days outside one of the company's main offices? Is called He was drunk and it is a little bald dog adopted by Xiaomi some time ago, at a time when the company's engineering department was under construction. She is a female and her name can be translated as "prosperous luck". A better name could not have been given to her.

Little Wangcai is a mixed breed dog who has entered the hearts of Xiaomi employees: she lives outside the Beijing department and gives everyone a cuddle

Some time ago, when one of Xiaomi's many departments was still under construction, there was a cagnolina who wandered around the construction sites. It was a stray dog, balding and not at all in good shape that visited the workers and employees during the construction of the plant. This little dog, who was given the name of He was drunk ("Prosperous fortune" translated from Chinese), has entered the hearts of Xiaomi employees so much that it has become a sort of mascot and good luck charm. Despite the love that the workers gave her, her "entered the companyIt wasn't all plain sailing. Yes, because she is in effect one employee of the brand, complete with a personalized badge.

xiaomi wangcai dog mascot

Due to obvious reasons, the company did not approve the adoption of this dog but thanks to the efforts of the majority of employees and fans, Wangcai was able to be loved by everyone, no one excluded. Following medical examinations, sterilization and a deep cleaning of the fur, she was given the name lucky charm and it was decided to put it on a permanent basis in the building.

Wangcai was an orphaned dog but found a family that welcomed her with open arms and cuddled her. Within the Beijing site department was set up a corner completely dedicated to her: kennel, fence and all the comforts a dog could wish for. Fate was kind to her not only because she found a home, but also because after a while she found a friend of games, Cherry. Aware that Wangcai could not be alone all the time, as the employees work most of the day, it was decided to also adopt Cherry, she too, and with the same stray story as Wangcai.

Unfortunately however it was not possible to keep them long term in the building but a brave and loving one Xiaomi employee decided to take both dogs with him. Despite this, every day, the man takes Wangcai and Cherry to work, who can play and be free in the building's garden.

xiaomi wangcai dog mascot

How about? Is the idea of ​​Xiaomi employees nice to adopt a dog?

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me bunny fan
me bunny fan
3 years ago

wh a nice idea for xiaomi eh very pretty