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WashVac F20 by Proscenic, a scrubber with the right value for money!

In the panorama of wireless floor cleaner vacuum cleaners it is really difficult to extricate yourself because the offer is truly infinite. Surely they are among the most sought after and sold products for cleaning our floors, after all their comfort goes beyond any imagination. After having tried several, from different brands, I feel competent enough to be able to give you good advice on any purchases as well as an objective judgment on the products I tested. Today I tell you about Proscenic Wash Vac F20 the spearhead of this Chinese brand known for the excellent value for money of its products. Let's see if even with this he lived up to expectations!


WashVac F20

The product box left me quite perplexed. I thought the outer carton contained the actual box, with proper graphics (as happens for almost all products that are not exactly "low" in cost). Here, however, the outer cardboard box is the actual packaging. Inside it is packed quite well, but the eye also wants its part and here it is certainly not "paid". So I don't give enough for this first aspect.

In the box you will find the scrubber body already almost completely assembled, in fact you will only have to insert the handle where there are the keys to control it and the battery.

WashVac F20

But let's see the complete list of contents:

  • Floor washer proscenic WashVac F20 (machine body, dirty water container, clean water container, cleaning roller)
  • Handle
  • Additional cleaning roller
  • Additional filter
  • Removable battery
  • Feeder
  • Charging base and self-cleaning
  • Instruction booklet (including Italian language) + App download and connection guide
  • Detergent
  • Brush for various unclogging
WashVac F20


As I told you there WashVac F20 it arrives practically already assembled and ready to use, you will only need to insert the handle and the battery. Carry out these preliminary operations and you will already be able to operate. It is of course recommended to charge the battery, but in my case (and I think yours too) the battery arrives already 100% charged. Inserting the handle is really very simple, like the rest of the battery. In fact, you will find stickers that will prevent you from making mistakes. Impossible to make a mistake also because when inserted you will hear the classic "click" indicating that they have both been inserted correctly.


The technical data sheet of the scrubber dryer is very respectable: in fact, we find a suction power of well 15KPa which goes well beyond the canonical 8K-10K of products in the price range, even much higher than ours, a nominal power of 150w. Another very important thing are the water tanks, dirty and clean, from well 1L each. This of course will allow you to clean even really large apartments, around 120 square meters, in a single session. The battery will give you a good autonomy 45 minutes in the smart mode (mode which we will talk about later) and of 25 about that MAX. I assure you, having tried many, that we are talking about very satisfactory timings and in principle superior to all those I have tried. The recharging time is around 4 hours and can be charged directly connected or disconnected using the special plug in the base (in this case, make sure it is dry). Even the noise has absolutely acceptable values, we are in the order of the maximum 70db

In the technical characteristics I also include another detail which is not a detail, namely the ease with which the roller is disassembled, and I assure you that on some products it is an operation to say the least. poco brainy. The disassembly of the roller is essential as my advice is to disassemble it and let it dry detached from the scrubber dryer. In fact, despite the automatic cleaning (we will also talk about this later) it is always better to let it dry perhaps in the sun, or close (naturally not too much) to a heat source, even just for the sake of energy saving. The disassembly of all "detachable" parts are marked with gray plugs. To remove the roller you will have to proceed like this, in a really easy way: first remove the lid of the roller by squeezing the gray buttons above and then those on the side, and in about 10 seconds you will be done. At this point you just need to take it off!

As far as materials are concerned, we find practically only polycarbonate (albeit of good quality) which unfortunately, the only sore point, make tactile feedback a little cheap. In fact, perhaps also due to the large gray inserts, the feeling of being a "toy" product has been felt for a while and this is certainly not positive at first glance. However, to understand the true resistance of these materials it will obviously be necessary to test it in the field for many washes and only then will we be able to say if it is just a sensation.


There are 4 methods of use:

  • SMART: This is the default mode it will boot in. Definitely the recommended one, as it will automatically detect the amount of dirt in real time and decide how much suction power to apply and how much water to spray. Naturally in this mode you will also get the maximum energy saving, therefore the greatest autonomy.
  • MAX: if you have a very dirty floor you can instead use this mode where the water suction and release level will be maximum.
  • STERILIZATION: This is the perfect mode for those with small children, who often crawl on the floor. In fact, the sterilizing cleaning solution will be released. The type of power will be adjusted automatically, so in practice we are talking about a smart mode with the addition of a sterilizing solution.
  • SUCTION: in this mode no water will be released but only liquids will be sucked in. Obviously to be used in case of classic disasters with spilling of large quantities of water, wine, etc.

To switch from one mode to another, just press the appropriate button on the handle, located above the power button, after turning it on. The order is as follows: Smart – Max – Sterilization – Suction.

WashVac F20

Our WashVac F20 also has voice feedback with which it will send us some important messages (such as low battery, dirty water container to be emptied, etc.). To set it in Italian, just press the key that you will find behind the handle and in sequence you will switch between: English - German - French - Italian - Spanish. To silence it, simply press the same button for 3 seconds.

WashVac F20


The large display provides us with a very complete series of important information to have every operation we are performing under control.

WashVac F20

During cleaning we will see the 2 large circles from blue to purple based on the dirt that is detected. In fact, you will feel that the suction intensity will also vary according to how much more purple, and therefore dirtier, the circle becomes. Inside on the left side we will then find the mode of use we are using and in the center the percentage of remaining battery. When we connect it to the charging base, however, we will have other info if, for example, it is cleaning the roller, sterilizing the roller or drying it. Any errors in our scrubber dryer will also be shown on the display.


Once the washing is finished we will have to proceed with the cleaning of our WashVac F20. The first thing to do is remove and empty the dirty water tank. You will find a partition so that the solid parts are divided from the liquid ones. This feature, present in a few other devices, I honestly do not understand it much as it then seems clear that everything is disposed of in the toilet. Maybe it can be useful if objects are collected that cannot be flushed down the toilet but I think that is a very rare occurrence. Also in the dirty water tank is the HEPA filter which must be removed, washed and dried before being reassembled (you have a spare one in the package).

The next step is to perform self-cleaning of the roller by connecting it to the charging base and pressing the appropriate button (the one above the power button).

As a last step I advise you to remove the roller and remove the dirt that remains right there between the roller and its seat and on the roller as self-cleaning alone cannot completely eliminate all the dirt that remains nestled here. In my case, living with my kitten, I often find her hair even after self-cleaning. So I eliminate the problem right away by manually removing them. Once this operation is done, you can then proceed to dry the roller but I have always avoided this step with these types of scrubber dryers, also to save electricity and I leave the roller to dry detached, possibly near a heat source. I usually leave it on for a day and once it's dry I'll stick it up again. That way I've never had any problems. All these operations are really very fast, and easier to perform than other products I tested (especially the disassembly of the trainer which takes a few seconds)


We also have the possibility to connect our F20 to the dedicated Proscenic application so as to have further features at our disposal. Proceed like this:

  • Download "Proscenic" from the play store or app store (alternatively use the QR CODE that you will find in the booklet dedicated to the application)
  • Turns on the scrubber dryer, once on, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode or reset a previous connection with a WI-FI network (you will see the wi-fi icon flashing slowly)
  • Turn on BT, location and Wi-FI on your smartphone and open the Proscenic application
  • Create an account if you don't have one
  • Add a new device
  • Select your home network (2.4GHz only) and enter your password
  • Please wait for the installation
  • Once installed, immediately update the Firmware (if already updated ok)

The application will essentially be used to update the firmware (a fundamental thing that few devices have), check the status of the consumables, start the self-cleaning of the roller (with or without sterilization), select the language and the volume of the vocal feedback. You can also change the mode of use but I don't see it as a very comfortable thing while you are cleaning..

You see my screenshots in English as it is the language in which I set the phone. If you have the phone in Italian the application will be in Italian.


But let's get to the fundamental point, or how it cleans ours Proscenic F20. Well, I feel like saying good! But what does good mean? It means that, thanks to the powerful suction, it manages to remove any type of solid dirt (pieces of food, even important dust, animal hair, cat litter sand, etc.) and washes in a truly satisfactory way. I tried it with a different detergent from the one supplied (because I know that more or less everyone, after that, will use the classic one bought at the supermarket) and the result was a clean floor with a discreet scent. Just in case, remember to buy a detergent that does not require rinsing and does not foam. I noticed with pleasure that even the most difficult spots to remove, perhaps with a couple of passes, have been removed.

I have to pretty good even cleaning a wall edge, leaves about 8mm of uncleaned space which remains a good absolute value. There are those who do better but also those who do much worse.

The thing that didn't fully satisfy me is the junction of the roller which perhaps could have been slightly better for maneuverability which is still good but far from excellent products. Instead very well the traction of the same roller that practically drags the entire scrubber dryer and therefore does not make our arm tire.

I noticed that compared to other scrubber dryers it consumed a lot of water in washing my apartment which is about 85 square meters, but the really excellent thing is that this one dries immediately thanks to the powerful suction, even of liquids. This is a nice plus in winter when "physiological" drying would require much longer times than in the summer. Thanks to this feature you can go without worry even on surfaces such as parquet and laminates.


As with any product, the final considerations must be made based on the performance and of course the price. I have already told you about the performances and the result is absolutely positive, so now we come to the price. WashVac F20 list costs around €350, which in itself would be a fair cost but the extraordinary thing is that thanks to GEEKBUYING (thank you for sending the sample) and our discount code you can take it home with a reduction of almost 50%, and at this price it would be a truly excellent deal.

We remind you that to protect your purchases you can pay with PayPal and delivery will take place in about 4 working days with shipment from a European warehouse (obviously without annoying customs duties). So all I have to do is leave you the direct link to purchase, with the relative discount code, and wish you good shopping!

Proscenic Washvac F20 floor cleaner

196€ 349€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Proscenic Washvac F20 floor cleaner

210€ 349€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

8.3 Total score

A good scrubber dryer if purchased at the right price

Clean/dirty water tanks
Constructive quality
Roller joint
Simple assembly/disassembly
How it cleans
  • Powerful suction up to 15KPa
  • Strong automatic wheel drive
  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Battery life above average (up to 45 minutes)
  • Very large clean and dirty water tanks
  • 2 cleaning rollers supplied
  • Connectivity with dedicated application for firmware update
  • Roller joint not very performing
  • Materials a bit cheap
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