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Xiaomi presents a satellite signal amplifier for its 14 Ultra, it also acts as a lens cover

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, recently launched its new flagship model, the Xiaomi 14Ultra, which stands out for its innovative features and elegant design. Among the most interesting new features is support for two-way satellite communication, a function that allows you to send and receive voice and text messages, share location and physical data, even in remote areas or in emergency situations. To make the most of this functionality of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, the brand also presented a dedicated accessory, called "Satellite Signal Amplifier” (satellite signal amplifier), which attaches to the back of the smartphone and improves satellite signal performance by up to 129%

Xiaomi presents a satellite signal amplifier for its 14 Ultra, it also acts as a lens cover

Xiaomi presents a satellite signal amplifier for its 14 Ultra, it also acts as a lens cover

It is a sort of lens cover, which opens 180 degrees and connects to the smartphone via the principle of electromagnetic coupling, without the need for cables. The amplifier has a price of 199 yuan, about 25 euro at the current exchange rate, and is also compatible with other smartphone models, as long as they are positioned correctly on the antenna.

The satellite signal amplifier for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra was introduced by the director of Xiaomi's software department, Zhang Guoquan, who explained its operation and its advantages in a press conference. He also showed the directional signal enhancement diagram, which highlights how the amplifier is able to strengthen the electromagnetic radiation towards the direction of the star, while attenuating it in other directions, thus optimizing the performance of the polarized satellite antennas integrated into the smartphone .

xiaomi 14 ultra satellite signal amplifier

Xiaomi 14 and 14 Ultra official in Italy. One tacky and the other more sober are Xiaomi's ne plus ultra

Zhang Guoquan also announced that Xiaomi's R&D department is exploring the possibility of making the camera grip of the imaging suit, another accessory for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, compatible with the Apple iPhone, so to expand the potential market. Finally, he invited friends who purchase related products to refer to the user manual for further details and instructions.

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1 months ago

Good morning, where can you buy the lens cap for the xiaomi mi 14 ultra?