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Xiaomi SU7: how the design of the electric sedan was born thanks to clay modeling

As we already know, the Xiaomi SU7 it will be a sports sedan that promises high performance, 800 km range and ultra-fast charging. But what is the secret behind the attractive and aerodynamic Xiaomi Su7 design? The answer lies in the clay modeling laboratory that Xiaomi built specifically to develop the SU7 project.

Xiaomi SU7: how the design of the electric sedan was born thanks to clay modeling

Xiaomi SU7 clay modeling

Il clay modeling workshop: clay modeling, is a technique that consists of creating full-scale three-dimensional models of a car starting from two-dimensional drawings and digital models. This technique allows you to evaluate and modify the aesthetic and functional appearance of the car, taking into account factors such as visibility, lighting, proportions, lines and curves. The clay modeling laboratory is a fundamental step in the design process of a car, as it allows the shape and flow of air around the vehicle to be tested and optimized, thus influencing performance, consumption and emissions.

Xiaomi has invested over 15 million euros to equip itself with high-level equipment and staff for its clay modeling workshop, which is located in an underground area to ensure maximum confidentiality and security. The laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, such as KOLB, a five-axis milling tool which allows you to sculpt the clay model with precision and efficiency, based on the parameters of the digital model. The KOLB has a processing speed 1,5 times faster than traditional single-arm tools, and can make a clay model in just three days, thus facilitating rapid iterations of design plans. Furthermore, the KOLB has such precision that it requires no further touch-ups by modelers, and allows professional model revision to begin immediately.

Xiaomi SU7 clay modeling

To verify and compare the parameters of the clay model with digital and analog ones, the laboratory uses one portable blue light scanner from Zeiss, which is capable of comprehensively and detailedly scanning the dimensions of the model. The scanner is lightweight and portable, and has double the scanning speed of previous models. It can be used at any time and place, just pick it up and start scanning.

Finally, to examine and adjust the design of digital models, the laboratory has a large 269-inch Samsung LED display, which can display the digital car model in high definition and 1:1 scale, allowing designers to view and edit the design in real time, thus providing a more efficient tool for design review.

Thanks to the clay modeling workshop, Xiaomi managed to create the SU7, an electric sedan that stands out for its elegant and dynamic appearance, and for its low air resistance. The SU7 has undergone over 300 styling adjustments, and has achieved a aerodynamic coefficient of just 0,195, lower than that of many sports cars.

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