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Daily Elements Sneakers 5 are the first shoes of the new Xiaomi clothing brand (replaces Mijia)

Xiaomi has just launched a new clothing brand with the name Daily Elements, its first product is the Daily Elements Sneakers 5, a pair of tennis shoes that can be purchased in China at a price of 249 yuan (36 euros).

Daily Elements Sneakers 5 are the first shoes of the new Xiaomi clothing brand (replaces Mijia)

The Daily Elements Sneakers 5 utilize technologies such as a one-piece knit upper, fifth-generation herringbone locking and self-developed soft, stretchy midsole.

In any case, the Daily Element Sneakers 5 are the new generation of sneakers previously produced by the Mijia brand. This means that we will no longer see sneakers under the Mijia brand, but only Daily Elements.

Recall that the Mijia sneaker series has launched a total of 4 generations of products, all of which have been well received by Mi Fans. From the first generation of sneakers a few years ago to the fifth generation of Daily Elements, 4 generations of improvements have passed after analyzing the feedback of millions of buyers. The brand has broken down the components and targeted the parameters of each part, such as physical properties, texture and other properties to examine, discuss and test to launch an all-round everyday sports shoe with excellent details and capable of adapting to urban commuting.

For example, the problem of the complicated fit of the first 4 generations (sock effect) has been solved, with the return to the traditional structure of the shoe tongue which this time offers a good experience of comfort and is suitable for different foot shapes.

Then we find a self-developed elastic soft midsole that uses recycled materials such as plants and EVA, this is the future trend of many sports shoe brands.

This eco-friendly material also offers a soft and supple foot feel. The thicker sole increases the deformation space and greatly improves the comfort of the top of the foot. Stepping on the ground, jumping and climbing each step is soft.

At the same time, it maintains the lineage of Mijia sports shoes such as one-piece knitted upper, herringbone closure, eversion heel, stable TPU cup, one-piece sole and technological breathable antibacterial insole, which improves the practicality and fit of the multi-tier shoes.

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