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Xiaomi, tomorrow "new ad". Is Xiaomi MI3S?

Xiaomi has another surprise for us. On the Weibo profile, the Chinese company has published a few hours ago, aimage quoting 28 tomorrow at the 10 tomorrow morning (local time) and Beijing as the official ad date and place of the announcement. What to tell us and / or show us Xiaomi is not known but obviously speculation has already begun ...

From 23 April, the day of the presentation of the various MI Routers, Mi Router Mini and Mi Box, will be spent only 5 days. Many fans have been disappointed by the event (in the light of a shadow event to steal attention to OnePlus), especially those who expected the launch of Xiaomi MI3S or Xiaomi MIPad.

Xiaomi MI3S

Xiaomi tomorrow would seem to want to make a surprise to the mobile community by posting an image of a message on the display of what could be a render of Xiaomi MI3S. You can notice some details, including date and time, but you also see an old adage: "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen".

What does this quotation mean? Could it be a simple price cut by the Xiaomi MI3 to compete with OnePlus or the phrase that pre-announces the arrival of the Xiaomi MI3S at last? Knowing Xiaomi, it could be anything!

We'll let you know it tomorrow anyway.


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Simone Rodriguez
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