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Xiaomi Education is the new initiative that inspires young talents

Xiaomi, in collaboration with the highly esteemed instructor of the Leica Akademie and renowned photojournalist Giuseppe Nucci, just has launched the initiative "Story in Sight“, a series of photography workshops that aim to revolutionize the world of visual and photographic storytelling. This initiative is part of the project Xiaomi Educations, a much broader program that aims to inspire talented young people. Here's what the company will do.

Xiaomi's commitment to education

The “Story in Sight” project is a fundamental piece of the broad educational mosaic from Xiaomi, known as Education. This initiative is the tangible manifestation of the company's commitment to inspiring and empowering young people around the world. The goal is provide advanced tools and technologies to allow young people to fully express their creative and innovative potential, in an era dominated by digitalization and continuous technological evolution.

It is not excluded that at the end of this path, some figures will become part of the staff of the company or its partners. It is known that the Chinese brand as well as all satellite companies are always on the hunt for new brains and in this regard this series of workshops can be seen as a sort of forge di brains.

What is it about

The beating heart of the “Story in Sight” project is the unique and unparalleled opportunity offered to students to learn directly about an important figure of national and international photography, Giuseppe Nucci. He, with his illustrious career and his travels to the most disparate places in the world, has honed his ability to tell stories of people and places through a anthropological approach to photography.

His works, appreciated and recognized internationally, have been published in world-class magazines such as National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian e Wired. His dedication and talent allowed him to win the prestigious in 2018 Picture of the Year Award and to share, since 2017, his experience and knowledge with students from all over the world, earning the title of Instructor of the Leica Academy.

“It is an immense honor to be able to lead the 'Xiaomi Education – Story in Sight' workshops. Working closely with university students in the field of photographic storytelling is a stimulating challenge. My desire is to pass on my knowledge and experiences, with the aspiration of inspiring students to become exceptional storytellers themselves, capable of capturing the essence of the stories they choose to tell.”

Giuseppe Nucci

Collaboration with the University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the first to participate in this innovative project. The workshops, scheduled for November, will take place in the context of the university's winter semester and will be accessible to students of the various faculties, allowing them to hone their storytelling skills through photography and to interact with a professional of Nucci's caliber, thus acquiring new perspectives and practical insights.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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