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Xiaomi walks the podium as the third smartphone maker in the world

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Founded only in the 2010, Xiaomi reaches third place, before them only Samsung and Apple.


Xiaomi Chinese company born only 4 years ago (2010) as a developer of ROM MIUI, open source distribution for smartphones and Android-based tablets, is now a leader in the smartphone industry. In fact, the year after its birth, it mainly devoted itself to the hardware market and has now become the the third leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world and first in their own country, overcoming well-known manufacturers such as Lenovo and LG.

The Xiaomi numbers in this last year are stunning, for example, second IDC, sales in the first quarter reached 11 million smartphones, both in the second quarter with 15,1 million smartphones (14,6 million of which sold in China alone) and in the third quarter with well 16,8 millions of smartphones with a market share of 5,3 percent worldwide compared to the same period of the previous year (2013), or the 2.1 percent, with a an increase of 211 per cent. At first there is always Samsung with the 23,8 percent, second is Apple, who has repeatedly accused Xiaomi of copying iPhones, with a quota of 12 per cent.

"Despite the rumors that the market is slowing down, smartphone shipments continue to record record volumes. We have finally reached a point where many evolved markets are growing at one digit, while emerging markets are up by the 30% as a whole. In these markets, smartphone start-up prices are making mobile computing possible when we were expecting feature phones to remain predominant. "State Ryan Reith Director of Mobile Device Tracker IDC.

If we only think that in 2012 Xiaomi's total sales amounted to 5,7 millions of smartphones sold, we understand the Chinese company's enthusiasm to reach the top 3. Xiaomi must thank this ascent to the Chinese market, the largest in the world, even its low cost policy compared to other smartphone manufacturers. Also there product quality has nothing to envy to the well-known and distinguished world brands, in fact Xiaomi is called the Chinese Apple.

Now from 2015 we expect / hope for a massive investment by the Chinese giant in the foreign market, as sales are mostly focused on motherland and confined countries.

Source: Xiaomi walks the podium as the third smartphone maker in the world

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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