Xiaomi may be working on a rollable smartphone

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According to some information leaked online, Xiaomi would have filed a patent for one rollable smartphone. It should resemble a tablet and may even offer additional features. Let's find out more details about it.

Xiaomi has already filed the patent for the rollable smartphone

Notably, the extendable display could also change the aspect ratio of the device, which could also make the experience of watching movies or videos from the device better. In its extended state, the shape of the unrolled display is somewhat similar to a square, while in its compact form it resembles a normal modern smartphone.

Looking at the device from the rear, it appears to have a smartphone-like design I MIX Alpha of the Chinese tech giant. At the level of technical characteristics, it could have a dual camera module stacked vertically in the center of its back panel. The other portions of the back would extend to the sides.

The Xiaomi patent also highlights the mechanism through which the device unrolls. The terminal, in this case, mounts two motors that allow you to expand or close the display mechanically.

That said, it is uncertain whether the smartphone in question will actually be produced by Xiaomi. The rollable smartphone could also remain a project only on paper, and not a real product. We'll see. However, this type of device could become an optimal choice for the future. Various companies have begun to wink, such as Samsung.

Oppo has already revealed itself: Oppo X 2021 in fact came out this year and is the first rollable smartphone of the Chinese company. A device with an extendable display on one side, capable of going from the size of a normal smartphone to that of a tablet. Xiaomi's patent seems to still aim for something more, as we have seen. All that remains is to wait for official confirmations or denials from the company.

Price updated on: 22 May 2022 11:42
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