Xiaomi creates an absurd domino with 4100 Mi 11 | Video

Xiaomi Mi 11 is the latest top-of-the-range device from the company, released yesterday in Global version and therefore also for the European market. It is undoubtedly a super complete and super powerful smartphone. From its not only the latest hardware available on the market, but also one MIUI tested and studied to perfection. Here, however, we will not talk about the capabilities of this terminal, but about the company's advertising stunt (brilliant but also a bit risky). In fact, a huge domino consisting of 4100 units.

A domino effect from Guinness World Record the one created by Xiaomi with its latest top of the range Mi 11: here is the video that shows the immense work done by the brand

A video certainly not for the faint of heart what we're going to see. In fact, as anticipated, they are well shown 4100 units of Xiaomi Mi 11 put in order to form an original design. The choreography is very particular even if it doesn't mean anything in itself. However, during the fall of the devices you can see a writing that says: "Go into battle with a lightweight backpack". But what does it really mean?

We found that this is the motto of the new Xiaomi Mi 11 device. In fact, this sentence is reported on the page of the official website. But what does this mean? Basically it is a Chinese saying which means of do not wear armor in combat, therefore, take down the burden of thinking about working. This saying is used today for lets go all kinds of heavy and negative thoughts in order to work well and happily.

We do not know why the company wanted to send this message, but without a doubt it is something positive. Recall that the device shown was presented yesterday in Europe and Italy, and precisely in our country it costs 799 € (starting from). A little game that will not give poco bothers users that of the price: the launch across Europe it was announced for € 749 but only in Italy we find it at 50 € more.

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