Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro: covers reveal the rear cameras

Before starting it is necessary to make some clarifications. Yesterday we published a article in which we showed how to recognize a true rendering from a false one. At the same meeting it was said how we should not believe everything that goes online. Today, aware of the mini guide shared by Wang Teng Thomas, we decided to publish this news but anyway, until official news, we take it for what it is. A Chinese store has put some custom case for Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro revealing what the photo gallery.

A new photographic sector for Xiaomi Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro, but plausible. We opt for a rectangular but horizontal solution, to break the monotony a little. Will it really be so?

There are so many renders, as we have seen, but until now this is what we like most. Both for an aesthetic question, and because finally (if confirmed) the brand has decided to rejuvenate the design of its flagships a little. Until now we have seen increasingly large but vertical traffic lights. Think of that of Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra

which takes half the body in height. Xiaomi Mi 11 instead seems to resize everything in a rectangular but horizontal module. How about?

As we can see, the sector consists of four optics plus a big LED flash. The number of sensors seems plausible, after all the squad camera martphones according to the latest OMDIA research are preferred by users. On the far right of the module we find a square-shaped lens. It is probably one periscopic lens, like that of Huawei P40 Pro to be clear. That said, the manufacturer decided to create a cover that protects the entire photo module: this might suggest it is protruding from the body in a "dangerous" way.

As anticipated, this news must be taken with due caution. But if so, you would like the sector of the next flagship to be released on next year?

In the cover photo the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra photo module

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