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Xiaomi Mi 7: the first rumors reveal what the company would be aiming for

Vi we have already spoken of some rumors about the next flagship of Xiaomi's home. After delighting fans with Xiaomi Mi 6 and with the "surprise" My Notes 3 as "Mi 6 Plus", the Chinese company would be focusing on performance for the next devices. In particular, Xiaomi would have put the processor in the viewfinder Snapdragon 845, the natural evolution of the already good Qualcomm SD 835.


According to what was leaked by a person inside the company, Xiaomi would have thought to exploit a collaboration with Qualcomm to make a sort of Snapdragon 845 V2 to be mounted on board the new one Xiaomi Mi 7, Whose test phase should start in November this year. Confirmation of what had already been said of the Datasheet, remember?

Speaking a little bit data, the development phase is supposed to be completed around February 2018. But what should we expect from Mi 7 then?

If we wanted to make a leak of what leaked, we could talk about OLED screen from 6 inches which could present the much desired and long-awaited sensor for the recognition of integrated fingerprints.

In fact, this feature that would be highly innovative would seem to have been excluded by Xiaomi because, as reported a long time ago, it needs further testing and refinement.



Why the Snapdragon 845? Did not you talk about Snapdragon 836?

To answer this question you need to make a small excursus. It was rumored around June of the possible implementation of Snapdragon 836 on Google Pixel 2. In fact, it means that the next mobile-level processor can be the Snapdragon 845, denying the existence of SD 836.

It is in this light that we should evaluate the possible choice of Xiaomi that would have its Mi 7 of a SoC with 10nm Low Power Early (LPE) FinFET. Among the other features that emerged for the new Mi 7 we find other rumors we mentioned earlier: OLED screen with 18 ratio: 9 e wireless charging.

So we have elements to think that the new top Xiaomi range can be revealed in first quarter of 2018. We also hope to be able to compete seriously with the industry's most popular brands!


Marco Rossano
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