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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro receives MIUI 12 Global Stable | Download

We are nearing the end of the official list of smartphones that need to be updated to MIUI 12 in Global Stable version. Unfortunately, the problems in the release of the interface are there for all to see: delays, incompatibilities have dominated in recent months and from what we know very recent devices still do not see the package delivered update. This is bad news for those who have da poco purchased a Redmi or Xiaomi smartphone, but good news for those who still survive with older devices such as Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. He begins to receive the MIUI 12 Global Stable today.

Here comes the MIUI 12 Global Stable for Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro: link to download the recovery at the end of the article

Unlike many other newer Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is characterized by one almost maniacal attention to detail. The fact that it is a clones to all intents and purposes of the old model of iPhone made it one of the most loved and most purchased devices at the time. Not to mention the size of the perfect display and the measures to the limit that guaranteed one optimal grip. Nothing to say even in terms of performance thanks to Snapdragon 845 processor. But that said, the nostalgia tears have been removed, orToday the device receives the MIUI 12.

xiaomi mi 8 receives miui 12 global stable: download

The rollout of the Global Stable version, therefore for everyone, is started this morning. The buil will come with version number V12.0.1.0.QECMIXM and will reach all devices within a few days. In fact, remember that the release does not take place for everyone on the same day. There is first a "trial" period in which we test whether the version is fully compatible; subsequently the company proceeds with the large-scale release. If you don't want to wait (but we advise against it given the problems with Xiaomi Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro) we leave you the link to download the recovery at the end of the article. Recall that to install it you need the unlocking the bootoloader and the ROM flash.

Download MIUi 12 Global Stable for Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro | Recovery

The team assumes no responsibility in case of damage to the device as a result of modding operations

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Guide M.
3 years ago

Excellent news I would say! W Xiaomi!