Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can be found in the metro: no pop-up cameras and no holes

Everyone wants it, everyone wonders where it is, everyone is looking for it ... but nobody knows anything about it. We speak clearly of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, the device that is still covered by a thick blanket of mystery and of which the brand does not want us to know anything. Subject to several times of unpleasant leaks turned out to be false, it seems that from time to time you love to make an appearance even if its existence is not confirmed. A kind of masked super hero: this is in fact what it takes on today. It looks like it was photographed on the subway in Beijing a device that seems to be just him. But will it be so?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: will he be this device without pop-up camera, without notch and without holes? Maybe yes

A few minutes ago we started shooting this photo on Weibo. The user who put it into circulation is one of the most highly rated technology bloggers on the square and has more than two million followers. From the shot you can see below, it seems that a device has been immortalized without any hole on the top of the display, without notch and without pop-up camera. He himself claims it could be Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

The device we see could also be a resounding fake but we are pretty sure that the blogger is not one of thoseSlashleaks"That in order to have visibility disclose edited photographs. As you can see, in the upper edge of the device there is no groove and no hole from where the pop-up camera can exit. This is the clue that suggests the identity of the device. It 's true: it could be a cover that does not allow you to see this mechanism. But if so, why use such a cover?

We are therefore led to think that it is a first concept or prototype of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. The evidence in our possession, partially confirmed by the brand, speaks of a smartphone with built-in camera under the display and therefore invisible. We have already seen how difficult this technology is and has shown it to us Oppo, but a lot of time has passed since then. Maybe Xiaomi has managed to solve all problems of the case, due to reflectance on the part of the display dedicated to the photographic sensor.

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For the moment we take this photograph for what it is, or a leak. Despite the reliability of the source it is always good do not immediately believe in unofficial newsespecially when it comes to devices of this nature.

The smartphone you see on the cover is NOT the device we've talked about so far.


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