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Xiaomi Mi4, a screenshot shows 8-core CPU, Android L and 4GB of RAM

Tendentially when something is too good to be true in the end it is such. Be careful, however, assume this screenshot the Xiaomi Mi4 with the pliers!

The next 22 July is the date chosen by Xiaomi to present its new top of the range, or rather, it is what it sounds after the company has spread the teaser-image with a "4" on a metallic background. The 4, presumably, should represent the Mi4, or even the “4 ″ G connectivity or, why not, the 4GB of RAM!

This screenshot was sent to us by an anonymous source claiming to be in possession of the 4 ° generation Mi-phone. As you can see, from the MIUI images we come to know some important details: the terminal would be the Xiaomi Mi4 fantasy with operating system Android L, equipped with a 8-core processor at 2.6 Ghz e 4GB RAM.

It is true that Xiaomi has become famous for the incredible quality / price of its products, but the above features seem to be quite unlikely.

What do you think? This image belongs to the series "Too good to be true"Or is it real?



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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