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Xiaomi Mi4c appears in the intimate. | Teardown

We continue to talk about Xiaomi Mi4c, the latest smartphone presented by the Chinese giant but that has already won the attention of many users. So after showing you his first video hands-on Xiaomi Mi4c shows up in the first hands-ons |, its resistance to drop tests Xiaomi Mi4c Will Survive at a Drop Test? | and the first results of the rear camera | Xiaomi Mi4c: Here are the first official camera shots |, we are happy to show it to you in the intimate. No, do not think badly, we're talking about his teardown.

Xiaomi Mi4c teardown

Since dismantling phases, the Xiaomi Mi4c has proven to be a strong and solid smartphone, despite the plastic materials and the price not too high. However, the beautiful comes when you have the vision of all the components: Xiaomi has succeeded in having such an order in fixing the various pieces that replace one is quite simple. In fact, the degree of reparability given by those who have gone to teardown is very high.

Xiaomi Mi4c Teardown (1)

These features of order and ease of repair, although they may not affect most users since the legal warranty covers the damage to these components (however sometimes very long since they are not officially sold in our country), they are very important for those who want to do the do-it-yourself repairs.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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