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Xiaomi Mi4c: a video shows us how it's done and tested!

Lo Xiaomi Mi4c is the latest mid-range smartphone produced by the company Lei Jun. Are you curious to know how it is realized and to know all the "crash test" it is subjected to?

Xiaomi Mi4c: Here's a very interesting video!


Xiaomi Mi4c

As mentioned in the introduction Xiaomi Mi4c is the latest device of the Chinese company presented poco more than two weeks ago. It is offered at a very low price if we think about the level of its technical specifications and the quality of the general assembly. Remaining precisely on the topic of build quality, in this article we propose a short video showing part of the working cycle and a series of resistance tests to which this device is subjected before officially becoming one. Xiaomi Mi4c to all effects. Here is the video in question, good vision!

Boys, I do not know you but I was excited to see this video! He showed us the toughest that a smartphone has to go to be permanently placed on the market. It also showed how attention to detail and attention to quality that Xiaomi reserves of their products are really of a high standard. After all, its smartphones are made in factories Foxconn, synonymous with reliability and quality. Did you like this video? :)

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