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Xiaomi Mi5 will have ultrasonic fingerprint sensor!

Though Xiaomi has just unveiled the Mi4c, a powerful mid-high-end smartphone, a lot of fans are already looking forward to the next flagship, that is Xiaomi Mi5. According to previous rumors, the smartphone will be the first to use the SoC Snapdragon 820, next high-end chipset branded Qualcomm. Furthermore, voices not confirmed stated that the Mi5 will arrive by the end of 2015.


Xiaomi Mi5 with Qualcomm Snapdragon Sense 3D Fingerprint

Xiaomi Mi5


According to new rumors leaked in China, it is Xiaomi Mi 5 will be the first smartphone to use the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology developed by Qualcomm. Already in March, when Qualcomm officially announced the new fingerprint reading technology, theChinese OEM he said that with this technology it eliminates the need for a capacitive sensor, improving its accuracy. This new technology has been called Snapdragon Sense 3D Fingerprint.


Xiaomi Mi5


Basically, the ultrasound reader is able to create a map 3D of the finger, complete with all the micro-crests of the skin. But not only! Qualcomm claims that this technology works well even with wet or dirty fingers, unlike current fingerprint readers.


Xiaomi Mi5


What is particularly interesting is that the ultrasonic sensor is able to recognize fingerprints through various materials, such as glass, metal and plastic. This means that the technology does not require a capacitive sensor placed outside the body. Instead, with the "old" sensor, many manufacturers place the sensor behind the display, which can improve the overall ergonomics of the phone.



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