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Mijia Fridge Three-door 303L Ice-making Edition is the brand's first fridge with ice dispenser

Xiaomi, the well-known manufacturer of smartphones and smart devices, presented its first fridge with an ice production function in China: this is the model Mijia Fridge Three-door 303L Ice-making Edition, which is part of the Mijia line of smart home appliances.

Mijia Fridge Three-door 303L Ice-making Edition is the brand's first fridge with ice dispenser


The fridge has a minimalist design in ice white, with three doors and one capacity of 303 liters. Its main feature is the possibility of producing approximately 80 ice cubes with just one addition of water, enough for a week. The ice making process is completely automatic and can be controlled via the Mijia app, which also allows you to adjust the temperature, monitor energy consumption and receive notifications in case of anomalies.

The Mijia fridge uses a Panasonic compressor with double frequency conversion, which guarantees high energy efficiency and low noise. The average consumption is less than one kilowatt hour per day, and the fridge has obtained first energy class certification. Furthermore, the fridge has a silver ion antibacterial system, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors, and a frost-free air cooling technology, which prevents the formation of ice on the internal walls.


The Mijia fridge has a compact size, with a length of 60 cm and a width of 65 cm, and occupies a space of only 0,39 square meters. Its design adapts easily to any type of furniture and environment.

The Mijia three-door 303L ice-making edition fridge was officially presented last night in China, with a recommended price of 2.999 yuan (approximately 380 euros). However, for the first buyers who participate in the crowdfunding campaign on the official Xiaomi website, the price is discounted to 2.399 yuan (around 300 euros). It is not yet known if and when the fridge will also be available in other markets, but given that some never arrived, we highly doubt it, unfortunately.

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