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Gmail, new measures for safer and spam-free email

Communication via email plays a fundamental role in everyone's life, both those who work there and those who don't. This importance meant that Google improve the email service gmail providing your email inbox with greater protection from phishing and spam. Here they are news that the Mountain View giant has announced just from poco. 

An incessant fight against spam

Google has developed AI-based defenses on Gmail which they block over 99,9% of spam, phishing and malware, intercepting nearly 15 billion unwanted emails every day. Despite the effectiveness of these defense mechanisms, the technology giant did not stop there. 

In fact, with cyber threats constantly evolving and increasingly sophisticated, almost 20 years after the launch of Gmail, Google felt the need to introduce new measures to keep your inbox even safer and free from spam content.

Improve email validation on Gmail

Google has paid particular attention to a fundamental aspect of email security on Gmail accounts: security validation of the sender's identity. While it may seem like a basic task, verifying the authenticity of an email can be a complex challenge given the presence of outdated and inconsistent systems on the Internet.

Last year, Google started requiring emails to Gmail addresses to be authenticated in some way. This step saw a 75% drop in the number of unauthenticated messages received by Gmail users, helping to free up inboxes and block billions of malicious messages with greater precision. Despite this progress, the company is aware that there is still much to do.

gmail search with ai

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New requirements for mass senders

Going into the details of the new measures, by February 2024 Gmail will begin imposing new policies on bulk senders (those who send more than 5.000 messages per day to Gmail addresses):

  • Email authentication: Google will require senders who generate a large volume of messages to rigorously authenticate their emails, following established and well-established practices, thus ensuring greater protection against threats from cyber attackers.
  • Simplified unsubscription: The email platform will require large senders to provide Gmail recipients the ability to unsubscribe from commercial emails with a single click and process unsubscribe requests within two days, significantly simplifying the end-user experience.
  • Sending desired emails: Gmail will establish a clear spam tolerance threshold, which senders must respect to prevent recipients from being inundated with unsolicited messages, further raising the level of protection against sending unwanted content.

These new requirements represent practices that should be considered standard in basic email hygiene on Gmail accounts. For those who need support to improve their systems, Google has assured that clear guidance will be provided before the new rules begin to be enforced in February 2024.

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