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Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 3C Enhanced Edition released in China

Xiaomi, the well-known manufacturer of smartphones and smart devices, today launched its new one on the Chinese market Mijia Sweeping Robot 3C Enhanced Edition.

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping Robot 3C Enhanced Edition released in China

The enhanced version of the previous Mijia 3C model has received several improvements in terms of performance and functionality. The new robot indeed has a higher suction power, from 5000 Pa, which allows him to remove dirt and dust from any surface. Also, it has a 400ml dust container capacity and a water tank from 270 ml, which allow it to sweep and drag the floor without having to be emptied or refilled frequently.

The robot is equipped with a LDS laser navigation system, which allows him to accurately map the home environment and plan the most optimal cleaning route. The robot supports two cleaning modes: one in the shape of an arc, which covers all corners of the room, and one in the shape of a Y, which simulates manual cleaning with back and forth movements. The robot is able to recognize different types of floors and automatically adjust the amount of water dispensed from the tank.

The robot is also equipped with several sensors that allow him to avoid obstacles, falls, collisions and jams. The robot can also work in the dark, thanks to the built-in infrared sensor. When the battery runs low, the robot automatically returns to the charging base and resumes work where it left off.

The Mijia Sweeping Robot 3C Enhanced Edition is compatible with the Xiao Ai voice assistant and the Mijia app, which allow you to remotely control it and set various options, such as cleaning schedule, suction mode selection, robot status display and software update.

The presale price of the robot is 1.099 yuan, about 140 euros at current exchange rates. It is not yet known whether the robot will also be available in other markets besides the Chinese one.

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