Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion and Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic in crowdfunding

After a long day of work or study we return home tired and short of energy. Obviously the best solution would be to go to a SPA, but not everyone can do it both for logistical and monetary reasons, so here are two rather interesting gadgets now in crowdfunding on the Xiaomi platform, the Momoda Massage Cushion and the Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic.

Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion and Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic presented

Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic

Let's start with the product that will probably interest most Xiaomi fans as it is much more useful to the common user (later you will find out why), namely the Momoda Massage Cushion. As the name suggests, Momoda's Massage Cushion is nothing more than a massage cushion that we can rest on either the floor or on a sofa or chair.

The pillow comes with an inclination of 105 degrees, which makes it ergonomic for the shape of the human body, with the weight of the same that is spread perfectly on the surface of the pillow. These two factors allow us to have excellent back support and subsequent relief of pain.

As for the massage technology instead, the Momoda Massage Cushion equips four 3D massage heads that serve to simulate a real massage technique. In particular we have a pressure on the spine to, once again, decrease possible pain and relax the compressed muscles due to a sedentary lifestyle.

In the lower part we find four sets of 3D double-layer surround airbags which instead simulate strong pressure and oscillation on the buttocks and on the hip to relax the former and prevent deformation of the latter.

Finally, on the back we find a heated compressed air flow to improve blood circulation and relax tight muscles.

The Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion is now in a crowdfunding campaign in China at the price of 499 Yuan, or on the 65 euros at current exchange rates.

Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic

Let's now pass to the Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic which as we said before is a product for a smaller slice of users: those who practice sports. Clearly, anyone can use it, but sportsmen are probably the ones who will benefit the most.

The Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic is in fact a massage gun typically used to massage the fasciae, or the layer of connective tissue that covers the muscles, groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Incorrect movements or incorrect postures can cause problems to the fasciae, resulting in joints that are not very flexible, muscles that are more tired than necessary and general pain. Through a massager like the one presented today by Xiaomi it is possible to stimulate better adhesion between the muscles, furthermore massaging the fascia with high-speed vibrations decreases the chance of injury during training or sports performance.

Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic

The Yunmai Massager Gun Pro Basic uses a brushless motor with a power of 60W to produce a high torque. In particular we have a torque of well 106Nm, which translates into 3200 rotations per minute that reach the muscle up to 12mm in depth.

Besides speed, it is also possible to choose between four different heads to use each of which has its own specific task and recommended area of ​​use.

As for autonomy, the Yunmai massager equips a 2600mAh battery, for 10 minutes of use per day for 80 days. These numbers will be reached if used at minimum power. Furthermore, having an integrated battery and not needing a plug means that it will be possible to take it with you wherever you go, like in the gym and why not traveling to recover faster after a long walk.

Xiaomi Momoda Massage Cushion Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic

The Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro Basic is in a crowdfunding campaign on the Xiaomi site for the price of 499 Yuan, or 64 euro, for the first 22 thousand units. Beyond that number the product will cost 899 Yuan, on the 115 euros.


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