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Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300 released: 2.5K resolution with dual LED and infrared lights

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese technological giant recently launched its latest innovation on the market in the field of home security: the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300 released: 2.5K resolution with dual LED and infrared lights

The CW300 is equipped with a internal memory from 32GB and it comes sold (in China) at the price of 239 yuan (31 euro), making it an accessible solution for anyone who wants to improve the security of their home. The camcorder uses a 4 megapixel lens with an aperture of F1.6, ensuring image quality 2.5K ultra-clear. Even when the image is enlarged, the quality remains sharp, allowing users to identify important details that might be missed with other cameras.

One of the most interesting features of the CW300 is its ability to provide clear and bright vision even in total darkness. Thanks to combination of two infrared lights e two white lights, the chamber ensures excellent visibility during the night, a fundamental aspect for outdoor safety.

The innovative design of the CW300 includes a vertical and horizontal pan-tilt system, which allows you to control the rotation of the lens via smartphone in all directions, thus offering more flexible and complete coverage of the surrounding area.

As far as resistance to the elements is concerned, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera CW300 is certified IP66, which means it is completely protected from dust and water. This feature allows it to operate stably in a variety of weather conditions, such as wind, frost, rain and snow, without compromising its performance.

Security is further strengthened by sound and light warning function. In the event of an intrusion, the CW300 emits an alarm sound and a high-frequency flashing warning to discourage intruders. Furthermore, the Humanoid AI tracking function allows the camera to follow people's movements, thus increasing the effectiveness of the surveillance system.

Finally, the CW300 supports be the connection via network cable and Wi-Fi, giving users the flexibility to install the camera anywhere they want without worrying about complex wiring.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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