Xiaomi and Android updates - now on par with Samsung

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Did we dare too much to say these words? Maybe yes, maybe not, but a recent announcement from Xiaomi about Android updates made us think maybe Lei Jun's company is not that bad. Before you start reading this article though, I would like to advise readers to read on this other article that we published some time ago. Having said that, we tell you why in our opinion, as of today, Xiaomi is comparable (not equal) to Samsung in terms of updates.

Xiaomi and updates: on par with Samsung? With the Redmi K60 Ultra there is a sign of hope

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi K60 Ultra, and only now announced that this smartphone will receive software updates for 5 years. This news is significant, as Xiaomi, unlike brands such as Apple and Samsung, has not always guaranteed long software support for its devices, often receiving criticism for this reason.

xiaomi android updates

With the Redmi K60 Ultra, Xiaomi aligns with the level of software support offered by Samsung. However, it is not the only brand to make similar promises: other brands such as Vivo and OnePlus have also announced extended support (4-5 years) for their flagship devices. The Redmi K60 Ultra was launched with Android 13, but guaranteed to receive up to Android 17. It would be desirable for other devices, such as those in the Redmi Note series, to also benefit from 5-year software support.

The Role of Processor Manufacturers in Android Updates

While tech enthusiasts eagerly await Android updates for their devices, one crucial aspect of the update process is often forgotten: the role of processor manufacturers. Contrary to what one might think, the responsibility for updates does not fall exclusively on smartphone manufacturers.

Google, while being the creator of Android, does not directly update the core systems of Android devices. After releasing an update for its Pixel devices, it has to be adapted and customized by various smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus. However, before that happens, chipset makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek, play a key role.

xiaomi android updates

These processor manufacturers they have to ensure that their chips are compatible with new versions of Android. Qualcomm, for example, provides support for at least three versions of Android during the lifecycle of its mobile platforms. This means that if a device is equipped with a Qualcomm chipset, it may receive at least three major Android updates, provided the device manufacturer decides to implement them.

On the other hand, MediaTek, which produces processors for many mid-range and low-end devices, it doesn't have a clear strategy for Android update support. This may explain why many devices with MediaTek chipsets don't receive frequent updates.

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2 days ago

It is not comparable but like Samsung and superior to the same in terms of hardware on the flagship smartphone.
S23 ultra is nothing but the union of warehouse stock elements between Note Series, S21 ultra and S22 ultra.
The only novelty in 2023 is the processor identical to the other smatphones in the top models.
Xiaomi (actually the processor manufacturer) guarantees 3 years of software updates + 5 years of security patch updates.
Now the time of honors for Samsung is over.

2 days ago

Yes, it would be nice for my Redmi note 10 pro to update a little more…. I'm waiting for the new Miui TKFEUXM version but it hasn't arrived yet, it came out on July 19th. I'm stuck at the Miui TKFEUXM version May 2023 security patch. Any advice on the matter. Thank you.