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Xiaomi Redmi Notes 3 and the first night shots

A few days ago we showed you the first photos of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 | Xiaomi Redmi Notes 3: Here are the first official shots |. However, in addition to being published directly by Xiaomi only took into consideration places with perfect lighting (only in one picture there were some changes of light). In the past few hours, however, we found that the network was loaded with the first images taken by a user and in low light conditions.

Unlike the shots we showed you previously, these show some small flaws in the photographic sector. For example, note the blur effect of the scooter and the cars in the background in the image below. Furthermore, the video noise on the buildings is very evident or better, it is more evident than the “top of the range” smartphones.


Same speech with regard to this other picture below. This means that, in spite of the 13 megapixels of the sensor, the focal opening combined with the overall quality of the optical system does not allow capture of much light in such conditions.


However, we must not forget that we are talking about a smartphone at the cost of just 132 Euro (at the exchange rate). On this price range, we reaffirm our opinion once again: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is the best smartphone on the market today.

Before leaving, we want to remind you that in the last days we showed you a couple of short comparisons with Samsung Galaxy S6 | Xiaomi Redmi Notes 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 in a couple of short video comparisons | and a first teardown of the device | Xiaomi Redmi Notes 3: Here's a first teardown |.


via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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