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Did you want YouTube PiP mode for free? There is good news

The mode Picture-in-Picture (PiP) YouTube, once limited to Premium subscribers outside the United States, appears to be on the verge of becoming accessible to everyone. Recently, some European users have reported the possibility of using this feature without a subscription. While YouTube has not yet officially confirmed this expansion, online discussions suggest an imminent change in PiP access policies.

YouTube: free PiP mode even outside the USA? Maybe yes

La Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) allows you to watch YouTube videos in one small floating window while browsing other applications on your device. This feature, first introduced on Android, represented a significant step forward in optimizing the user experience on the platform. Initially, YouTube had allowed the use of PiP to all users, but later it has introduced restrictions, limiting access to this functionality to Premium subscribers only in many countries outside the United States.

pip mode on youtube demo

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However, in 2022, YouTube changed its policies to PiP mode, allowing users in the United States to access it even without a Premium subscription, although with some specific limitations, such as the exclusion of music videos from this possibility. Recently, reports (via AndroidPolice) from users in Germany and other parts of Europe indicate that the PiP feature may have been made available even without a Premium subscription, suggesting a potential easing of restrictions by YouTube.

Despite these reports, YouTube has maintained an official position that Premium membership remains required to access PiP outside of the United States, as reiterated in recent social media communications. This contrast between user experiences and official statements raises doubts and speculation about YouTube's real strategy for the future of PiP mode.

In parallel, some discussions on reddit have highlighted that, even in markets where PiP is technically available without a subscription, there may be restrictions on certain types of content, such as music videos or those with content protected by copyright.

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