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On May 6 comes the stable version of Flyme 9 for Meizu 17 series smartphones

Poco ago Meizu, the Chinese smartphone maker, announced that the stable version of its latest mobile operating system - Flyme 9 - will be released for the series devices Meizu 17. The update brings with it several improvements and news: here are the details.

Flyme 9 will be released on May 6th

Flyme 9 had already been talked about last month, when it was announced by Meizu. In a few days, however, it will become reality on the entire Meizu 17 series. As we said above, it will bring several new features and improvements to the devices, both from the point of view of design and privacy, functions and efficiency in general. In particular:

  • the desktop icons will feature square boxes with beveled edges and colors well combined and harmonized with the backgrounds
  • third-party apps will be able to rely on consistent icon styles
  • the notification and control centers will be redesigned and displayed alongside in a horizontal display orientation
  • the fingerprint icons and the app interface will be visually simplified, with the removal of decorative elements
  • new screensavers and wallpapers will be introduced, as well as new themes

However, the news may not be over here. We await the official rendering of the company, which has also begun the registration of the international Flyme 9 Beta for the Meizu models of the 16 series.

Edoardo D'Amato

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