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AtuMan Duka E2 the best precision electric screwdriver from Xiaomi

Perhaps few people know the brand AtuMan or rather, still for poco they will not know him. In fact it is a Chinese brand that is making its way for the quality of its products, after all it couldn't be otherwise as it is part of the ecosystem Xiaomi. Today I will tell you about the electric screwdriver AtuMan Duka E2 a perfect and unmissable product for all DIY lovers and for the repair of small electronic products

AtuMan Duka E2 PACKAGE

We don't find much in the package, let's say what you need:

  • Package with screwdriver + 25 bits
  • Type A – Type C charging cable

The set measures × × 194 80 28 mm and weighs only 331Gr therefore perfect to be carried even in a jacket pocket. Minimum size for maximum performance. The whole thing is magnetic, both the closing of the box and the attachment of all the tips to their seat. The attachment of the tips to the screwdriver is also naturally magnetic. The battery is 650mAh and guarantees us a working autonomy of about an hour!


The operation of our screwdriver is very simple. In fact, it will be enough to insert the tip we need and turn it on by rotating the ring at the bottom to turn it on. When it is turned on you will see the little one LED located right in front of the ring light up. There are 2 positions of the ring, the first will set a speed of 150RPM and the second of 210RPM (with a deviation of ±10%).

Once turned on, you have selected the tip and the speed, simply press one of the 2 directional buttons located near the tip, naturally to screw the one in the right direction and to unscrew the one in the left direction.

AtuMan Duka E2

Tested on some screws that hadn't been unscrewed for years, I have to say that it works very well. No problem unscrewing and no problem screwing again. The magnetic tips are very convenient and allow us not to struggle even "picking up" and positioning the smallest screws. This is in fact a perfect tool for precision work.


As mentioned before, there are 25 tips, magnetic and will adapt to almost any type of work we will have to do. Apart from the Torcs, the slotted ones and the star ones, I don't know the precise name of them all, so I decided to line them up and take a photo so you can see them all. Some of them, honestly, I didn't even know existed.

AtuMan Duka E2

On each tip we find the acronym that identifies the model, so if you have any doubts you can write in the comments of this article and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.


The AntuMan Duka E2 is undoubtedly an excellent product, with a very high quality-price ratio. It works well, precise, screws and unscrews, it is magnetic, has 25 tips supplied and is cost-effective poco. If we really want to find a flaw it is that of not having an LED light near the tip which could help in the case of low-light work. For the rest I would say very good.

Today thanks to Banggood (thank you for sending the sample) and with our discount code you can take it home with an excellent discount, almost 50% of the list price. Shipping is included and does not include additional customs costs, you will receive your screwdriver in approximately 15 days. At this point all I can do is wish you happy shopping!

AtuMan Duka E2 electric screwdriver

22€ 39€
Priority shipping included (No Customs)
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