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Here are the smartphones with the best price-specification ratio divided by price ranges (May 2023)

After seeing the ranking of the most powerful smartphones of the month of april, oToday, instead, let's find out which smartphones have the best specification-price ratio.

The ranking was released by the Chinese benchmarking platform AnTuTu and is divided into price ranges, let's start with the ranking for the price range 0-1999 yuan (270 euros).

Price range 0-1999 yuan (0-270 euros)

First place: Redmi Note 11T Pro 6+128GB
Average Score: 780944
Value for money: 561,9
Price: 1379 yuan

Redmi Note 11t Pro
Redmi Note 11t Pro

Second place: iQOO Neo7 SE 8+256GB
Average score: 856750
Value for money: 529.2
Price: 1619 yuan

Third place: realme GT Neo5 SE 8+256GB
Average score: 946148
Value for money: 498.2
Price: 1899 yuan

This time the very top three in the 0-1999 yuan price range include the cheapest models from three ultra-competitive brands: Redmi, iQOO and realme. Among these three models, the best in terms of performance is the GT Neo5SE equipped with the Snapdragon 7+ Gen2 chips just released by realme, its AnTuTu score is in fact 940 thousand points, the highest in this price range.

Among the top ten models are three Redmi models and one Xiaomi, We are 11 Youth Edition. Then there are three realme smartphones and one from the parent company OPPO. Of the ten devices in the ranking, 8 belong to OPPO and Xiaomi, it is no coincidence that the two brands are the ones with the most sales in China.

Also very interesting is theHonor X40GT, a device equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chip, which is part of the flagship category of the previous generation, but now at a very competitive price, becoming one of the smartphones with the best specification-price ratio.

The full list of models in the 0-1999 yuan price range includes Redmi Note 12 Turbo version 8+256GB (1999 yuan), Redmi Note 11T Pro+ version 8+128GB (1699 yuan), OPPO K10 5G version 8+256GB (1799 yuan), realme GT Neo 3 version 12+256GB (1949 yuan), Honor X40 GT version 8+256GB (1949 yuan), Mi 11 Youth Edition version 8+256GB (1469 yuan), realme 10 Pro+ version 8+128GB (1399 yuan) yuan).

Price range 2000-2999 yuan (270-410 euros).

best smartphone

First place: iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition 8+256GB
Average score: 1064901
Value for money: 484.3
Price: 2199 yuan

iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition

Second place: OnePlus Ace 2V 12+256GB
Average score: 999420
Value for money: 444.4
Price: 2249 yuan

Third place: Lenovo Legion Y70 8+128GB
Average score: 1074965
Value for money: 430.2
Price: 2499 yuan

In this price range, the OnePlus Ace 2V that the previous month had ranked at the top gives the first position toiQOO Neo7 Racing Edition with an average score of 1064901 and a price spec ratio of 484.3.

The other devices are all old models, with Redmi taking 4 models in the top 10. The Legion Y70 of the now extinct gaming phone brand ranks third.

Here are the smartphones with the best price-specification ratio divided by price ranges (April 2023)

The top ten models in this price range include the Redmi K60 8+256GB version (2499 yuan), iQOO Neo7 12+256GB version (2449 yuan), Redmi K60E 12+512GB version (2039 yuan), Redmi K50 Pro 8+ version 256GB (2329 yuan), OnePlus Ace Pro version 16+256GB (2729 yuan), Redmi K50 Extreme Edition version 8+128GB (2699 yuan) and OnePlus Ace 2 version 12+256GB (2788 yuan).

Price range 3000-4499 yuan (410-590 euros)

best smartphone

First place: Redmi K60 Pro 8+128GB
Average score: 1257731
Value for money: 381.2
Price: 3299 yuan

Redmi K60 Pro
Redmi K60 Pro

Second place: OnePlus 11 12+256GB
Average score: 1291695
Value for money: 323.0
Price: 3999 yuan

Third place: Nubia Z50 Ultra 8+256GB
Average score: 1253289
Value for money: 313.4
Price: 3999 yuan

Once again the Redmi K60 Pro it is in first position in the 3000-3999 price range by virtue of its excellent performance and its low price, ergo it is the smartphone with the best performance-price ratio. While the OnePlus 11 gain one position, from third to second.

Il Nubia Z50 Ultra it ranked third with its biggest feature being the front facing camera under the screen. So in addition to having an excellent price-specific ratio, it is also a very special smartphone.

We then Xiaomi 13 e OPPO Find X6, with the former standing out for its relatively compact screen, while the OPPO device is known for its photography prowess.

The top ten models in this price range include the iQOO 11 8+256GB version (4099 yuan), Mi 13 8+128GB version (3999 yuan), Honor 80 Pro 8+256GB version (3069 yuan), vivo X90 8 version +256GB (3999 yuan), Meizu 20 Pro version 12+256GB (4399 yuan), OPPO Find X6 version 12+256GB (4499 yuan), and Honor 80 Pro direct screen version 12+256GB (3599 yuan).

Price range over 4500 yuan (590 euros)

best smartphone

First place: Red Magic 8 Pro+ 12+256GB
Average score: 1296290
Value for money: 249.3
Price: 5199 yuan

Red Magic 8 Pro+ best smartphone
Red Magic 8 Pro+

Second place: Xiaomi 13 Pro 8+128GB
Average score: 1225963
Value for money: 245.2
Price: 4999 yuan

Third place: iQOO 11 Pro 12+256GB
Average score: 1286511
Value for money: 234.0
Price: 5499 yuan

In the range over 4500 yuan (590 euros) we have the Red Magic 8 Pro+ which focuses on gaming and an immersive experience thanks to its hidden front camera. If you want a device to take pictures, they are here OPPO Find the X6 Pro e vivo X90 Pro + among the best flagship phones to choose from also thanks to their Hasselblad and Zeiss optics.

The top ten models in this price range include Honor Magic5 Pro 8+256GB version (5199 yuan), OPPO Find X6 Pro 12+256GB version (5999 yuan), Mi 13 Ultra 12+256GB version (5999 yuan), Samsung Galaxy S23 8+256GB (5699 yuan), vivo X90 Pro+ version 12+256GB (6499 yuan), Honor Magic5 Ultimate Edition version 16+512GB (6699 yuan), Huawei Mate 50 version 8+256GB (4999 yuan).

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