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Bezior XF200 – Review of the BEST electric FatBike

Le Electric fat bikes are increasingly popular and the Bezior XF200 that I have tried these weeks is one of the best-selling ever thanks to the good technical equipment, the great performance which has been combined with a discreet reduction in the price which makes it a real best buy for those looking for a safe but fun electric bicycle.

Bezior XF200
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1079,99€ 1229,99€
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Bezior XF200 technical sheet

ColorBlack, Orange, Blue, Yellow
modalityTotally electric
Pedal assisted (PAS)
Wheel and tireFat tire 4″ x 20″
Braking systemHydraulic disc brake 16 cm front/rear
Engine power1000w
Maximum Speed25km/h (unlocked 40km/h)
Battery capacity48V 15Ah
Charge timeAbout 6/7 hours
Maximum torque67 Nm
Maximum degree of climbing35°
Frame materialAluminum Alloy
AutonomyElectric mode: 50 km
Assistant mode: 130 km 
ChangeShimano 7 variable speed
Front suspensionLockable and adjustable hydraulic fork
Rear suspensionhydraulics
Net weight27 kg
Maximum load200 kg
Open size177 * 120 * 100 cm
Dimensions folded100 * 80 * 50 cm
Saddle height83-94 cm
Driver height165 - 190 cm
Warranty1 years
ScreenBattery level
DOES NOT march
Travel distance and time
Total distance
Battery voltage
Error code
LightsFront LED lights
FenderFront and back

Assembly and Package Contents

The bike it arrived in a week from Gogobest Europe warehouse, perfectly packed with protective styrofoam e partially assembled and very few things remain to be assembled: the handlebar, the front wheel (be careful when removing the safety shim from the disc brakes), the mudguards, the pedals and the stand. I didn't mount the mudguards because I find it aesthetically more beautiful that way. Nothing particularly difficult and you can do it all in 30 minutes even on your own and if you have a minimum of practicality.

As always, I advise you to check the tightness of all the screws because even if it is checked by the factory in China, during the journey with vibrations, it is not uncommon to find how many screws are loose.

This is the contents of the package:

  • Complete electric bike
  • Charger (110-240V 190W input, 54,6V 3A output)
  • Multi language bicycle manual
  • Trip computer manual
  • Good quality fitting tool kit
  • Complimentary pump
  • Complimentary anti-theft chain


La Bezior XF200 It has an attractive, essential and decidedly sporty design that reminds me of my old BMX. The setup is the classic one of bikes with 20" wheels, therefore with a low center of gravity and a raised torso but it's easy to get used to. The saddle is adjustable to adapt to heights between 165 and 190 cm, a limited excursion due to the positioning of the saddle above the rear shock absorber.

The big ones stand out 20×4″ tires typical of FatBikes that make it a perfect bike for the beach and snow but also super-stable on terrains with gravel and loam.

Excellent welds and robustness in general which allow it to be tolerated loads up to 200kg, an unusual value that confirms the excellent quality of the materials. L'appearance is massive with an aluminum frame that is able to integrate and hide the generous 48V 15Ah battery which can be extracted to load it at home or locked with the key supplied.

Le dimensions they are contained (177x120x100 cm) as well as the weight of 27kg and the agility of the vehicle gains a lot both in traffic and on country paths. The bike can be folded going to take up even less space (100x80x50 cm), given that both the steering column and even the pedals can be closed. The front wheel is equipped with quick release to save more space.

In the back we find only the fender, but is equipped with supports for mounting a rack both original and generic,

Sul handlebars we find on the left the 866" S3,5 display, not exactly modern but it fulfills its functions completely. It incorporates 3 control buttons: two to change the assistance mode but which with a prolonged press turn on the lights or activate the walk mode, one to turn on the bike and alternate the data shown on the display.

In addition to the classic odometer and odometer data, I appreciated the presence of the battery voltage indicator which is much more precise than the "bars", however present.

La gear shift it is placed on the right and it is only one, as it is a 7-speed Shimano single-chainring, in the economic range. On this same side we also find the accelerator for the "electric only" mode.

Leaving aside the maximum speed which can also be limited, the 1000W motor and accelerator make the Bezior XF200 illegal in Italian streets.

Performance and autonomy

La Bezior XF200 mounts a 1000W brushless motor supported by a 720Wh battery that reaches the impressive thrust of 67 Nm enough to climb slopes up to 35° quite easily in assisted mode. Once unlocked, the bike easily overcomes 45 km/h.

Mi amazed the thrust already from the first use in which, even when stationary, the wheel tends to slip due to the power. All thanks to goodness of the battery and electronics in general make the difference. In essence, even in the presence of steep climbs, we will rarely be able to push on the pedals and even on my usual one climb from 32° slope, until halfway you pedal on empty.

Bezior XF200 maximum speed

We have 5 levels of assistance available which interrupt assistance when reaching speed: Level 1 at 12km/h; level 2 at 16km/h; level 3 at 20km/h; level 4 at 23km/h; level 5 at 25km/h (or 45km/h if you unlock it).

The thrust is well managed and offers a progression not far from that with a torsion sensor. As in all e-bikes like this one with a speed sensor, we have a small initial gap which can be problematic when starting uphill but which is easily compensated for with the manual accelerator. Overall theWhole electric assist mechanism works very well and is of excellent quality.

La 15Ah battery it recharges in 6/7 hours and "should" guarantee an autonomy between 50 and 130 km depending on the mode used and many other factors. In my tests rather pushed in which I made excessive use of the assistance to face the very demanding climbs of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, it behaved very well and is reasonable to get closer to the expected 130km if it is exploited only the first level of assistance.

👉 Check out ours video review

Comfort and safety

La Bezior XF200 is a bicycle very versatile electric because it can be used in the city but is definitely devoted tooff-road thanks to a fairly good level of technical equipment starting from the big tires which offer perfect adherence even on dirt roads and from double cushioning system.

No matter what terrain you face, the Bezior XF200 it will always be super stable in all conditions also thanks to the large tyres, able to absorb the roughness of the ground, guaranteeing excellent comfort. The fork is cushioned with an excursion of 8 cm and the hardness can be adjusted or blocked if you prefer a stiffer set-up. The rear shock absorber is not adjustable.

Il braking system it is of the hydraulic disc type, both on the front and rear, which generate decisive and modulable braking even with minimal effort. The 16cm discs are sufficient for 20″ rims and despite the substantial weight, it performed very well.

However, good braking also depends on the grip of the vehicle and therefore, even in these situations, FAT tires are very useful for guaranteeing reduced braking distances and maximum safety.

Speaking of security it is right to mention the the integrated LED light on the front, equipped with 4 LEDs that illuminate the road very well.

Bezior XF200 – Final opinions and Price

La Bezior XF200 it is a truly complete ELECTRIC FAT BIKE and is appreciated in all conditions. Powerful, sturdy, fun and safe, it's the best fat bike I've tried so far.

The price is also jaw-dropping, especially now that there are end-of-summer sales. It is indeed on sale for €1079,99 on GogoBest ON THIS PAGE using the discount code NAE9YY8 which is an incredible price considering the technical equipment and the general quality. The bicycle is therefore shipped from the warehouse in Europe quickly and at no extra cost.

Bezior XF200
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
1079,99€ 1229,99€
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel
7.7 Total score
Bezior XF200

The Bezior XF200 is a truly complete ELECTRIC FAT BIKE and is appreciated in all conditions. Powerful, sturdy, fun and safe, it's the best fat bike I've tried so far.

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