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Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter at €409, shipping from Europe included

The electric scooter Bogist M5 Pro represents one of the most intriguing options in the eco-sustainable personal transport market. This model stands out for its innovative design and its advanced technical features, thus responding to the needs of a public increasingly attentive to the environment and urban mobility. Below, we will explore the main features of the Bogist M5 Pro electric scooter, analyzing its design, performance, autonomy, safety and connectivity: 12-inch tire 500 W motor Maximum speed 40 Km/h 48 V 11 Ah battery Smart BMS 30 disc brake -35km long range with seat, New version 2023

Bogist M5 Pro


Design and Construction

The Bogist M5 Pro boasts a modern and attractive design, with clean lines and a sturdy yet lightweight chassis. Its structure is designed to offer an optimal balance between resistance and manageability, making it ideal for urban travel. Thanks to its foldable nature, the scooter can be easily transported on buses or trains, or stored in tight spaces, making it a perfect solution for commuters.


Equipped with a powerful electric motor, the Bogist M5 Pro is capable of reaching a maximum speed that meets the limits imposed by most urban regulations, without sacrificing performance. Acceleration is smooth and immediate, allowing users to move with agility in city traffic. Furthermore, the scooter is equipped with high-quality tires that ensure a stable and comfortable ride on different road surfaces.

Autonomy and Charging

One of the most appreciated features of the Bogist M5 Pro is its remarkable autonomy. The long-lasting battery allows you to travel considerable distances on a single charge, making this electric scooter an excellent choice for daily commutes. The fast charging system also reduces waiting times, ensuring the scooter is ready for use in just a few hours.


Safety is a key aspect for the Bogist M5 Pro. The scooter is equipped with advanced braking systems that ensure safe and controlled stops. Integrated LED lighting improves visibility at night, while reflective trim increases user safety in low-light conditions.


In line with current technological trends, the Bogist M5 Pro offers connectivity features that allow users to connect the scooter to their mobile devices. Through a dedicated app, you can monitor battery status, track routes, and access a variety of safety and customization features, making every journey not only safer but also more enjoyable.


Il Bogist M5 Pro presents itself as an advanced solution for urban mobility, combining design, performance, autonomy, safety and connectivity in a single eco-sustainable device. Whether commuters looking for an efficient alternative to public transport, or technology enthusiasts looking for an innovative means of transport, the Bogist M5 Pro electric scooter represents an excellent choice that meets different needs and lifestyles, promoting at the same time cleaner and more sustainable mobility in urban areas.


Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter

409€ 749€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
Model M5 Pro
Maximum speed40 Km / h
Autonomy (KM)30-35 km
Working temperature-10 ° C to 40 ° C
Waterproof IP64
Frame materialAluminum + Iron
Package dimensions (mm)× × 1160 235 595
Unfolded dimensions (mm)× × 1170 620 940
Folded dimensions (mm)× × 1170 620 550
Net. Weight kg)20,5 kg
Gross weight (kg)26,04 kg
Maximum load (kg)120 kg
Rated motor voltage (V)48 V
Rated motor power (W)500 W
Rated motor current (A)10±0,5A/5,5Nm
Motor no-load current (A)≤1,1A
Engine PR no load (1 min)780±20
Battery capacity (AH)11 Ah
Battery Voltage (V)48 V
Battery Input Rate Voltage (V)54,6 V
BMS batteryYUP
Battery charging time (H)6-8 hours
Charger speed input voltage (V)100 240-V
Charger speed output voltage (V)54,4 V-55,2 V.
Charger rated current (A)1,8A-2,2A
The package includes1 scooter,
1 charger,
1 tool bag
1 manual
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