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[Boom] Xiaomi enters Malaysia, 4000 Xiaomi Mi3 in 17 minutes!

On yesterday's day, the topgame Xiaomi Mi3 has made its first step on the Malaysian market and apparently seems to have run out of thin air. 4000 units in 17 minutes!

In full Xiaomi style, the Mi3 sold out within half an hour, 17 minutes to be precise. The units on sale yesterday were 4000 and the fans obviously did not waste time. As reported by Android Authority, the figure is impressive. Although the units available were only 4000, keep in mind that the Redmi line is still to be introduced.


Xiaomi does not count on selling the 1 version of its Redmi (Hongmi) and has assured that as early as next month on the Malaysian market, it will be possible to buy the XMUMXS Redmi powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor from 1 Ghz.

Finally, the company has clarified that the next introductory markets will not be far away from domestic markets, so we assume that fans of India, Vietnam, etc. will be there. to buy their own Xiaomi Mi3 staff.



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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