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DJI Mini 3 (with DJI RC) Drone on offer at €499 on Amazon Prime

Il DJI mini 3 represents one of the most recent and innovative proposals in the drone sector by DJI, a leading company in the production of drones for aerial photography and videography. With its compact design and cutting-edge technical features, the Mini 3 has been designed to meet the needs of both professionals and drone enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the distinctive features that make the DJI Mini 3 a standout device in its segment: 4K HDR video, 38-minute battery life, native vertical shooting and smart features.

DJI mini 3


Design and Portability One of the most notable aspects of the DJI Mini 3 is its ultra-lightweight design. Weighing less than 250 grams, it falls into the category of drones that do not require registration in many countries, thus offering greater freedom of flight. Its portability is further enhanced by the ability to fold into a compact size, making it easy to carry in backpacks or bags without requiring much space.

Flight Performance Despite its small size, the Mini 3 doesn't compromise on performance. It features a battery that provides up to 30 minutes of flight time on a single charge, allowing users to capture aerial images for extended periods without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, the drone is equipped with advanced stabilization and GPS systems, ensuring safe and stable flight even in windy conditions.

Image and Recording Quality The DJI Mini 3 is equipped with a high-quality camera capable of taking 12 megapixel photos and recording videos up to 4K at 30fps. The wide-angle lens provides a wide, immersive perspective, ideal for capturing breathtaking landscapes. The camera's 3-axis stabilization technology ensures that footage is always smooth and shake-free, even during rapid movement or in windy conditions.

Ease of Use and Intelligent Flight Mode The DJI Mini 3 is designed to be accessible even to those approaching the world of drones for the first time. Through the DJI Fly app, users can access a variety of intuitive features, including intelligent flight modes that allow professional footage to be captured with minimal effort. For example, “Follow Me” mode allows the drone to automatically follow the subject, while “QuickShot” mode offers pre-programmed sequences for cinematic shots.

Safety Safety is a priority for DJI, and the Mini 3 is no exception. It is equipped with sensors that detect obstacles in real time, reducing the risk of collisions. Additionally, the automatic return-to-home system ensures that the drone returns to the pilot in the event of a lost signal or low battery, providing additional peace of mind during flight.

Conclusion Il DJI Mini 3 stands out in the panorama of compact drones for its unique combination of portability, image quality, flight performance and ease of use. Whether professionals looking for a secondary drone to take on their travels or beginners excited to explore aerial photography, the Mini 3 offers a versatile and accessible solution for everyone. With its continued commitment to innovation and technology, DJI continues to set new standards in the drone industry, and the Mini 3 is a clear example of this.


  • This is the DJI Mini 3 drone. If you need more advanced features like tri-directional obstacle detection, ActiveTrack, and Point of Interest, you might consider purchasing DJI Mini 3 Pro.
  • Lightweight and compact: Mini 3 weighs less than 249g. Perfect to take with you on your adventures, from hikes, road trips and days at the beach.
  • Extended battery life: With up to 38 minutes of battery life, you can take Mini 3 anywhere on your road trip or long flight without worrying about the battery.
  • Stunning visuals: Shoot in 4K HDR for crystal clear aerial shots. Capture detail in highlights and shadows, day or night
  • Capture height, be social: With the Vertical Shooting feature, you can easily shoot tall subjects such as skyscrapers and waterfalls. Once shot, your images will be in the perfect orientation for posting to Instagram or TikTok.
  • Focus on the moment: Epic shots are always at your fingertips. Use QuickShots to choose dynamic flight patterns or capture a breathtaking view with the Panorama function.
  • Flying is child's play - don't let the wind get in your way. Mini 3 is resistant to winds up to 38 km/h (level 5) and remains stable ensuring perfect shots.
  • With two additional Intelligent Flight Batteries, a 2-Way Charging Station, and a shoulder bag, you'll be ready for any adventure. This combo includes the new DJI RC, which has the pre-installed DJI Fly app and a built-in 5,5” HD display.
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