DOWNMI is the new tool for downloading all MIUI ROMs

The times when the smartphones produced by Xiaomi could be counted on the fingers of one hand seem far away, and since then things have happened. Starting from globalization that in the space of a year has seen the Xiaomi company grow exponentially, so much so as to put on the market an endless series of models that often differ only for the type of market it is destined for, that is China or Global, throwing in complete confusion the average user who often does not know which ROM to download on their device.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Until the advent of MIUI 10, it was enough to go to the official MIUI forum in English and search for your device and then download the chosen Recovery or Fastboot ROM. Generally on most of the models there was a division between China and Global with further split between Stable and Developer. Unfortunately, this convenience is no longer available and above all not all models are present in the database made available to the user who often must search in the maze of internet the ROM suitable for your terminal hoping that it is the right one and not a fake ROM put into circulation by some good tempone.

DOWNMI is the new tool for downloading all MIUI ROMs


The time has come to reveal the work done by the international community, giving life to a new tool to find and download ROM for all Xiaomi devices, including the latest models. The new tool responds to the name of DOWNMI, and the use is immediate, proof of dummies. Once on the home of the website, it will be enough select the model of your Xiaomi smartphone (left column), select the type of ROM choosing among the options Global Stable, Beta Global, China Stable, China Developer (central column) and finally select the ROM version to download (right column). Finally you will be offered the link for the ROM in Recovery or Fastboot version if available.

Ok it is time, however, to leave all the references of this wonderful service that you can also find in the form of a smartphone application and downloadable directly from the Play Store.



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