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Duotts ​​F26 Electric Mountain Bike at €1249 with shipping from Europe included

The electric bicycle Duotts ​​F26 is an innovative product in the field of pedal-assisted bicycles, combining advanced technology and comfortable design. This bicycle has been designed to offer a smooth and easy riding experience, both in the city and on more rugged routes.: 2 Dual motors 750W, 48V 20Ah battery, 26 * 4.0 off-road tires, maximum speed 55Km/h, Climbing of 55 degrees, Intelligent LCD display, Double disc brakes, Front shock absorption, maximum load 150kg, autonomy 100km


1. Engine and Performance: The Duotts ​​F26 is equipped with a powerful double electric motor, 750W, which assists the cyclist during pedaling. This motor is able to provide constant thrust, making climbing steep slopes or long-distance pedaling less tiring. The motor is also designed to be energy efficient, maximizing battery range.

2. Battery and Autonomy: One of the most important features of the Duotts ​​F26 is its long-lasting battery, 48V 20Ah. The battery, easily removable and rechargeable, offers autonomy that allows you to travel considerable distances on a single charge of up to 100km. This makes it ideal for daily commutes or longer excursions.

3. Design and Comfort: The bicycle has a modern and attractive design, with a robust but lightweight structure. Riding comfort is guaranteed by an ergonomic saddle and a suspension system that absorbs shocks, making it suitable even for uneven terrain. Furthermore, its geometry is designed to offer an optimal riding position, reducing fatigue during longer journeys.

4. Safety and Accessories: Safety is another fundamental aspect of the Duotts ​​F26. The bicycle is equipped with efficient disc brakes, which ensure fast and controlled braking. Plus, it features built-in LED lights for optimal visibility in low-light conditions. The additional accessories, such as the luggage rack and the LCD display to monitor the speed and battery charge, make it extremely functional.

5. Versatility of Use: The Duotts ​​F26 is perfectly suited to both the urban environment and excursions on country paths, thanks to its versatility and performance. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of cyclists, from commuters to cycle touring enthusiasts.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the electric bicycle duotts F26 It represents an excellent solution for those looking for a reliable, comfortable and versatile electric bicycle. With its advanced features and attractive design, it is set to become a popular choice among two-wheel lovers.


Duotts ​​F26 electric mountain bike

1249€ 1699€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Duotts ​​F26 electric mountain bike

1362€ 2499€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: DUOTTS
Type: electric bike
Model: F26
Color: black
Small PartsHall brushless motor: 48V 750W*2
Battery: 48V 20AH LG speed
: Shimano 7-speed gearbox    
Motor magnet: 40mm
Tires: 26*4.0 fat tires
Shock Absorber: Front Shock Absorption
Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake
Maximum load: 150 kg
Material: aluminum alloy
Resistance: 50 km
maximum speed: 55km/h
Climb angle: 55°
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 38 kg
Package weight: 42 kg
Product dimensions (L x W x H): 1900 x 730 x 1120 mm
Package dimensions (L x W x H): 1500 x 320 x 800 mm 
Package Contents1 x installation tool
1 x user manual
1 x F26 Electric Bike
1 x rear shelf
1 x cell phone holder
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