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Eleglide electric bicycles are all on offer, enjoy the summer on two wheels

Finally the summer has decided to arrive and with it the longed-for days in the open air. What better way to enjoy the beautiful days if not that of ride freely, whether it is to go to work or to move around the holiday resorts.

Fortunately, the prices of electric bicycles are returning to attractive prices and there is no shortage of offers such as the one proposed by Choose through the GeekMall site which has promoted three of its best-selling models. GeekMall offers a two-year warranty with support in Italian and free delivery in 7 days and without customs duties from warehouses in Europe, so you are in time to enjoy it this summer.



The ELEGLIDE M1 Plus is a very versatile mountain bike that can be used both in the city and on dirt roads thanks to its suspension fork which is also lockable. We find some 27,5-inch tires and a frame with a maximum capacity of 100Kg.

The electric bike is equipped with a powerful 250W brushless motor which allows it to reach a speed of 25 km/h. The battery has a capacity of 12,5 Ah and can carry us up to a distance of 100km in assisted mode, 50km in electric only mode.

Il Shimano 21-speed gearbox and disc brakes, complete the respectable equipment of this electric bike.

The ELEGLIDE M1 Plus is already on offer for only €749 but with the coupon R25PL63M the price drops to 734€. Click here to go to the offer.


734€ 899€
Free shipping from Europe warehouse


Eleglide T1 STEP-THRU

The next bike is no longer a mountain bike, but a trekking bike with the name of Eleglide T1 STEP-THRU. This model comes with 27,5-inch CST tires that can accommodate a variety of road surfaces. You can go safely and easily over bumps.

The ELEGLIDE T1 Step-Thru integrates a powerful 250W brushless motor with a torque of 50NM which allows the bicycle to reach a speed of 25km/h. While thanks to the replaceable 450Wh lithium-ion battery, you can reach up to 100km in assistance mode and 50km in electric-only mode.

The T1 Step-Thru integrates a mechanical shock absorber with lockout for a more comfortable cycling experience, has a 7-speed Shimano gearbox, a large comfortable foam saddle, rear rack and a height-adjustable handlebar for better posture.

The ELEGLIDE T1 Step-Thru is on offer at €949,99 but with the coupon S8DCDYPM you can buy it only 919,99€. Click here to take advantage of the offer.


919€ 1049€
Free shipping from Europe warehouse



Finally, we have theELEGLID M1 almost identical to the ELEGLIDE M1 Plus, with 27,5-inch CST wheels. But what changes is the capacity of the slightly smaller 7,5Ah battery for a maximum of 30km in electric mode and 65km in assisted mode.

However, there is no shortage of disc brakes, suspension forks, Shimano gears for a safe and fun driving experience.

THEELEGLID M1 you can buy it for the price of only 584,99 € with the discount code 2CDGTMEPClick here to go to the offer.


584,99€ 749€
Free shipping from Europe warehouse
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Simone Rodriguez

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